Where to Place Business Surveillance Systems

security camera on side of building

Surveillance camera placement is a critical issue for businesses, along with surveillance camera set-up. Where and how you place your cameras is a huge factor in the effectiveness of your system. If you do not know how to position surveillance cameras, you could miss critical areas of coverage. If there are blind spots, you can be sure criminals will find them. Here’s what you need to know about where to place surveillance systems.

How to Position Security Cameras

There are two main considerations to think about when positioning your security cameras:

  • Deterrence: Ideally, a potential thief or industrial saboteur will see your cameras, know they’re being watched, and walk away, just as if there were a security guard standing right in front of them. For this to work, however, the security cameras must be visible.
  • Investigation: If an intruder does try to break in or steal something, you want your surveillance cameras to spot them, either so you can alert the police immediately with real time monitoring, or so you can capture the thief’s image and know what they did and when they did it to make it easier to apprehend them later.

Both goals require your security cameras’ field of vision to be as complete as possible.

Surveillance Camera Placement Locations

The truth is, the best locations for security cameral placement will vary depending upon the specific building, the way it’s constructed and the way it faces the environment. When setting up your system, your security professional should take the time to help you locate the best places to position the cameras. However, here are a few key locations where you’ll almost always want to have surveillance cameras for your business:

  • Entrances and Exits: These may be the first points of entry intruders target, plus it’s the best place to get quality images.
  • Customer Transaction Points: If your office is consumer-facing, anywhere there are cash registers, teller stations or places where valuables or money are exchanged should have a security camera in sight and facing the spot where the transactions take place.
  • Valuable Targets: Any location in your facility where you keep valuables — whether that’s classified documents, a bank of expensive computers, jewelry or anything else — should be guarded by a wide view security camera to capture any robbery attempt in its entirety.
  • Parking Lots: Parking lots, as well as darkened alleys or other secluded areas on your property, are difficult to defend, and criminals know this. Well-placed, visible security cameras can let them know that you’re watching and guarding these areas.

Intellicom for Security Surveillance Setup

Even now that you know the best spots to install your security cameras, you shouldn’t try to connect them yourself. Professional surveillance camera experts can make sure the cameras are not only in the right places, but that they’re positioned correctly to capture what they are supposed to.

To have your business surveillance cameras set up and installed correctly in the North Carolina area, as well as with real-time monitoring and other protective features, contact Intellicom today.


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'Must-Have' Features for The Modern College Classroom

modern classroom with updated technology

The digital technology revolution has modernized virtually every aspect of our daily lives, and one of the most important places where it has made a difference is in the classroom. Today’s best college classroom technology is the “smart classroom,” a teaching space with the ability to accommodate interactive digital technology for the benefits of students and instructors alike.

Many colleges are rooted in tradition and slow to change, but it’s hard to deny the accelerated effect on learning that modern smart classrooms can offer to students. Here are four key features of a smart classroom.

  1. Collaborative Workstations

    The individual desk or seated auditorium is becoming a thing of the past when it comes to college lectures and seminars. Today’s college students can benefit from collaborative furniture, which facilitates multiple students working together. These stations also maintain the ability to switch to individualized learning configurations, as well. Of course, such furniture must also be enabled for laptops or other digital devices as needed.

  2. Intelligent Lecterns

    A smart lectern gives the educator a digital command center. It can include USB ports, smartboard controls, a flat-screen monitor and audio/visual capabilities. It’s everything a teacher needs to easily communicate ideas to the class.

  3. Adequate Power and Lighting

    There is no excuse for not having multiple power outlets in today’s classrooms. It should be expected that both teachers and students may have devices that need to be plugged in. You don’t want to have to stop class every time someone’s battery runs out.

    And when it comes to lighting, a brightly lit classroom is no longer the standard. If you’re projecting information on a smartboard or flat screen, lower lighting is optimal. Today’s modern classrooms must have adjustable lighting that can be dimmed or enhanced depending upon the situation.

  4. Smartboards for Classrooms

    The days of blackboards and chalk dust will soon be over — if they aren’t already — and good riddance to them. An interactive white board is one of the best ways to communicate ideas to students. These brilliant, touch-sensitive devices allow you to project any subject on the surface with your computer, then interact directly with it using your finger, a pen or a stylus — and all without getting chalk on your fingers.

Bring Your Classroom into the Modern Age with Intellicom

In North Carolina, the place to go for wireless collaborative display solutions like smartboards for classrooms is Intellicom. We can set up advanced collaboration tools to enhance your ability to communicate and interact with your group, whether the situation is a college learning environment or a business conference.

Intellicom has more than 25 years of meeting support and telecommunications experience under our belts, and 100 percent customer satisfaction. If you need help taking your classroom or other collaborative learning environment to the next level, contact Intellicom for a free quote on our services, or give us a call at 919-980-4295 to discuss digital collaborative learning solutions today.


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What to Look for in a Good Telecommunications Company in North Carolina

conference room with av solutions

Today’s businesses thrive on quality telecommunications. In the digital age, there are no more barriers to how people and businesses interact. You need to be able to communicate with employees, co-workers, business partners and clients almost instantly, or your company could fall behind the pack.

There may be nowhere this is truer than in North Carolina, where Research Triangle Park is located. RTP is a hub of research and development for businesses big and small, and those businesses need to communicate. Therefore, telecommunications companies in NC must be top-notch. You can’t afford to work with just any telecommunications contractors in N.C. Here are some points to look at when choosing a telecom company in N.C.

  1. Types of Services They Offer

    Does the telecommunications company you’re looking at offer complete telecommunications services? Can the same company organize all your cabling while also providing you with a great videoconferencing solution? You’ll want one, reliable location for all your telecommunications needs.

  2. Years of Experience

    Typically, the longer a company has been around, the more you can rely on them for quality service. Companies that can’t deliver on their promises usually don’t last very long.

  3. Team

    Is the team big enough to give your company the personal attention you deserve, and do they have the expertise to resolve all your telecommunications concerns?

  4. Past Projects

    Can the company show you a history of successful telecommunications setups in multiple businesses? Don’t be afraid to ask.

  5. Service Territory

    Does the company commonly service your area? Do they service surrounding areas? You want a company with the infrastructure to service your location quickly and easily.

Intellicom for All Your North Carolina Telecommunications Needs

Intellicom is a complete telecommunications solution for your business. Serving businesses throughout North Carolina and in parts of South Carolina and Virginia for close to 20 years and with more than 80 years of combined telecommunications experience on our team, Intellicom offers state-of-the-art structured cabling, audio-visual conferencing solutions and cellular coverage assistance to businesses in a wide variety of industries.

When you call on Intellicom for your telecommunications, you’ll find yourself with better organized, clearer, faster communications than you ever expected, both externally and internally. To learn more about how our telecommunications services can drastically improve the efficiency and productivity of your business, contact IntellicomUSA today.


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Choosing the Best Business Alarm System

two security cameras on building


If you’re looking for commercial alarm systems in N.C., you don’t want to make any decisions lightly. Alarm companies in N.C. aren’t all the same, and you should put as much care into protecting your business as you do into protecting your home. But how do you know which are the best business alarm systems for your company? Here are three questions to ask yourself when seeking business alarm systems in N.C.

  1. What Are Your Security Needs?

    What are your biggest security concerns? Are you most worried about vandalism? Physical property theft? The safety of your employees? Of course, a good business security system will address all of these, but knowing your priorities will help you generate a good plan for the specific layout and components of your system.

  2. What Size Is Your Building?

    Do you have a large complex where you don’t even want anyone getting on the grounds? Or a small facility where only certain areas require restricted access? Your facility may require loud alarms that anyone attempting to breach the area will trigger or a few strategically-placed video cameras and internal access control.

  3. What Is Your Budget Like?

    While you may not be able to blanket every square foot of your facility with cameras, lights and alarms, there are ways to strategically place your security solutions to provide maximum safety for the amount you have to spend.

Design Your Security System with Intellicom

If you have a business in Durham, North Carolina, or surrounding areas, Intellicom can help you design the perfect security system for your needs. Call us today at (919) 980-4295, and an Intellicom representative will work with you to determine the right security plan for your budget and the requirements of your business.


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