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Churches, temples, mosques and other houses of worship need to be able to reach their parishioners in whatever ways they can, and in the modern age, that means more than just relying on the great acoustics in your typical church.

In fact, some of today’s church sound systems can be highly advanced, taking advantage of some of the most cutting-edge audio visual technology available.

The right audio visual equipment can provide a more interactive experience for today’s parishioners, making sermons and services more engaging and more likely to keep worshippers coming back and perhaps even bringing others with them.

Intellicom USA stands ready to meet all the audio visual needs of your church or other house of worship. We understand the importance of a quality interactive experience in worshipper engagement, which is why we have a variety of quality, high-tech solutions for your worship facility. You want to give your parishioners the best worship experience possible, and we can help.

Quality, Cutting-Edge Audio Visual Systems for Your House of Worship From Intellicom

That can include large, very high-definition LCD or Plasma flat panel display screens, as well as LED screens and even video walls. If you need to get a visual message to a large worship hall, we have the technology to make it happen.

Naturally, your sermon cannot be effective if everyone in the room cannot hear it clearly. That’s why we have a wide range of audio solutions for crisp, clear sound we can customize to fit the specific sound requirements of your church. We have speakers, amps, microphones and more, as well as expert AV designers who can figure out just how best to take advantage of your facility’s acoustics with our installation.

We can arrange it so you have full control of the audio and video features of your sermon no matter where you're presenting from, thanks to a variety of remote controls, touchscreens and other user-friendly AV control options. With our custom installation and equipment, the entire facility’s audio and visuals can become an extension of you as the preacher.

Choosing Intellicom for Your House of Worship Audio Visual Needs in North Carolina

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