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Today's educational tools have advanced far beyond the blackboard. In today’s learning environments, telecom services for higher education are a must. We have long known that students generally absorb more when the information is presented in an interactive, multimedia format. That's why we offer top-quality higher education audio-visual services and related products for high-tech campus network strategies.

Intellicom has designed and deployed Structured Cabling, Audio Visual and Security Systems for a wide variety of meeting, learning, worship and gathering spaces. Our solutions are all designed with the end-user in mind. From the technology to the aesthetics, Intellicom has the ability to meet your needs.

Our systems feature the latest in display technology inclusive of front and rear projection, large format LCD and Plasma flat panel displays, video walls, and LED screens. We work with you to determine the most appropriate type and size display to meet your visual requirements.

We deploy audio systems designed specifically to meet the challenges of your acoustic environment and sound reinforcement needs. From microphones and mixers to speakers, amps, and everything in between, Intellicom is your source for the latest in presentation technology.

Our custom control systems feature user interfaces including touch screens, wall mounted keypads, handheld remotes, and web-based controls. Experience has taught us to create systems that are easy to operate and user-friendly. We work closely to understand the needs and constraints of the end-users and how to design controls appropriate for their applications and requirements.
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Effectively connecting your entire campus’s audio-visual network requires a considerable amount of cabling. Without a professional solution for organizing and structuring that cabling, it can very quickly become difficult to manage. This can result in major downtime whenever your support staff needs to add or remove new devices to the network or when any repairs are necessary, leading to frustration and lost opportunities for your students.

Intellicom has a highly skilled and trained team of designers and field technicians that can design a structured cabling system to keep all your cables neat, organized and easily identifiable. Once we install it, we can be on hand to provide any troubleshooting or maintenance you require.
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Our audio-visual services are designed to help you bring the best possible learning experience to your students. Wireless displays allow instructors to easily present educational content, and high-definition speakers mean every student should easily be able to see, hear and understand all the information being presented, whether in a small class meeting or a large lecture hall.

Video conference technology allows you to bring visiting instructors from half a world away to your students as if they are in the same room. Our systems are aesthetically pleasing and the pinnacle of design to keep your students engaged and positive about their experience at your institution.
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An aspect of our services that we take no less seriously than our cabling and audio-visual solutions is our security systems. Campus security is always a vital issue, as an unprotected campus can easily be a hunting ground for dangerous predators. With intelligent access control, high-definition cameras linked to 24/7 monitoring services and smart alarms, we can help you create a much safer learning environment for your students. This allows them to focus on their studies and more safely take full advantage of what your campus offers.
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Why Do Business With Intellicom for Higher Education?

As many businesses and institutions throughout the Research Triangle Park area have already learned, Intellicom is your best choice for a full-service telecom provider, offering all the audio-visual, structured cabling and campus security solutions you need. We have the experience and tools to completely streamline your students’ audio-visual experience while saving you money and improving your digital infrastructure. To learn more about what we can do for your specific institution for higher learning, call our dedicated sales and support experts at 919-957-1949 or contact us to request a project design or quote for your school.

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