Intelligent Security

Intellicom is your partner for designing, installing, servicing and monitoring your physical security. We are a full provider of advanced security systems that meet your business needs. We can give you the power to control and monitor your most important asset – from any location.

What We Do:

  • Biometrics, Cards, and Keypads
  • Mobile Access & Apps
  • Request-to-Exit (REX) Devices
  • CCTV & Surveillance
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Remote Monitoring
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Controlling Access to Your Vital Areas

Intellicom provides commercial access control systems to give businesses easy, secure access to your more important areas. We send our own internal team of highly trained experts who can identify the best control locations for your building or access points and will oversee the entire operation to make sure everything is done with expert precision.

Wireless security systems for buildings expand beyond today’s alarms and PA systems to complete control environments where you can assign access permissions for every door. Our commercial security systems can be sophisticated enough to pair entry with active duty rosters for your server room to allowing badges for entry to be printed and accessible right away. Ask us about installation & maintenance for commercial security systems.

Wireless Security For Your Business

Your business faces specific challenges and dangers based on your industry, construction, equipment and much more. Don’t leave those intricacies to someone who treats every business the same.

Intellicom provides a complete, patented “Videofied” wireless video detection system that pairs intrusion detection with short video clips that create a clear record of any unauthorized access and activity on your site. We’ve customized feeds and systems for specific deployments at jobsites, vacant properties, cell towers, schools, offices, power substations, remote warehouses, industrial parks and many other jobsites where expensive equipment is readily available.

This patented technology has allowed us to become one of the most trusted security companies for local businesses and a variety of commercial businesses across NC, SC, and VA when they are need verification of events on their site plus systems to keep everything and everyone safe.

Monitoring to Protect Your Team

Intellicom pairs the best intrusion detection systems with a variety of broader security systems that are designed to keep your people free from harm. We move beyond other commercial security companies by bridging video surveillance with remote monitoring of alarms, integrating mobile solutions, tracking building metrics such as energy consumption and supporting the latest equipment and software from industry leaders.

You get a complete monitoring platform that works 24/7 at any and every location you have. We’ve designed our commercial security operations to be powerful and visible. Not only will we record any wrongdoings on the premises, but we provide a variety of equipment that is easy to see in order to deter some theft, vandalism and other risks.

Together we’ll build a risk profile to determine your needs and what remote security systems and operational security measures are best suited to your buildings, operations and employees.

Surveillance and Video management

Access Control

Door locking

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