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DAS System Design Services

Intellicom is a full-service distributed antenna system company who can give you everything you need for DAS design, installation, maintenance and emergency service. We’ll keep you up and running plus give you the tools you need to improve your network configuration as you grow.

DAS network providers can improve your business by engineering a more efficient wireless network that accounts for the concrete and steel which normally harm wireless signal strength. Our DAS system design services will identify dead zones and opportunities for improvement in your existing buildings and office park.

We’ve created a significant number of DAS systems in North Carolina, so we can tailor a DAS offering to work best with cell phones, radios, RFID sensors or your other specialty requirements based on wireless location. Intellicom understands the difference between a warehouse and an office building, and we can provide the relevant DAS building design services in NC cities like Raleigh or Durham or around the U.S.

DAS System Importance

DAS network providers can deliver a specific set of benefits to your building and operations, allowing you to make a clear decision about what you need and whether the investment is right for you. You should consider hiring a DAS design service if you face problems like:

  • Dead zones where no network coverage is available
  • Holes or spots where coverage drops off
  • Slow network speeds or lulls in usage at the edge of your network
  • Power costs that are too high relative to how much coverage you’re getting
  • Limited outdoor telecommunications coverage
  • Inconsistent signal strength across all buildings and floors in your office environment

The benefit of DAS deployments is that you never need to experience dropped signals or poor-quality coverage in your building or as you move about your property.

Talk to Intellicom today about DAS building design services in NC or in your local area to see if the distributed antenna system would be a strong fit, solve the issues you’re having and be viable to install throughout your building.

We provide a free estimate that looks at the coverage you have, the coverage you want and the coverage we can deliver by boosting your network and the signals your devices receive.

Things to Know About Cellular Repeater Systems

Mobile repeater installation is able to turn weak signals in your office building and amplify them into a usable solution your office needs. Cellular repeater systems are able to work in many different situations where you have a strong cell signal near your building.

While they won’t work in areas where the signal varies or cuts out, Intellicom is able to deliver mobile network solutions to NC businesses who have a strong signal and a need to bring it into their operations.

How to Increase Cell Signals in Office Buildings

Cell phone repeater systems are the best proven way to increase cell phone signals in office buildings. We start with a coverage assessment and a full design to build your antenna, amplifier and cable distribution setup. Leading equipment will provide a firm base so everyone in your area gets the coverage they need.

We start with smart repeaters that are built to remove dead zones in your area and improve indoor reception of your standard 4G and 5G voice and data networks. There are a variety of repeaters to extend coverage based on device and carrier with support for up to 13,000 additional square feet.

Next, your Intellicom engineer will integrate a wireless amplifier to improve weak signals from multiple carriers. With a variety of installation points, we’ll connect

Why You Want to Increase Reception

Mobile repeater installation is a preferred choice for North Carolina businesses because it can significantly improve the business and operations your team performs every day. From BYOD environments to accessing files on the go, there’s a greater need for support of mobile networks and devices in every office. Our customers consistently tell us that improving their reception has led to:

  • Faster downloads and uploads of important information
  • Fewer dropped calls and missed connections
  • Improved voice quality of the calls made and received
  • Less hassle and interruptions from dropped calls

At Intellicom, we’ll help you find the perfect solution to your poor network coverage. Ask us about today’s best mobile network solutions in NC.

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