'Must-Have' Features for The Modern College Classroom

modern classroom with updated technology

The digital technology revolution has modernized virtually every aspect of our daily lives, and one of the most important places where it has made a difference is in the classroom. Today’s best college classroom technology is the “smart classroom,” a teaching space with the ability to accommodate interactive digital technology for the benefits of students and instructors alike.

Many colleges are rooted in tradition and slow to change, but it’s hard to deny the accelerated effect on learning that modern smart classrooms can offer to students. Here are four key features of a smart classroom.

  1. Collaborative Workstations

    The individual desk or seated auditorium is becoming a thing of the past when it comes to college lectures and seminars. Today’s college students can benefit from collaborative furniture, which facilitates multiple students working together. These stations also maintain the ability to switch to individualized learning configurations, as well. Of course, such furniture must also be enabled for laptops or other digital devices as needed.

  2. Intelligent Lecterns

    A smart lectern gives the educator a digital command center. It can include USB ports, smartboard controls, a flat-screen monitor and audio/visual capabilities. It’s everything a teacher needs to easily communicate ideas to the class.

  3. Adequate Power and Lighting

    There is no excuse for not having multiple power outlets in today’s classrooms. It should be expected that both teachers and students may have devices that need to be plugged in. You don’t want to have to stop class every time someone’s battery runs out.

    And when it comes to lighting, a brightly lit classroom is no longer the standard. If you’re projecting information on a smartboard or flat screen, lower lighting is optimal. Today’s modern classrooms must have adjustable lighting that can be dimmed or enhanced depending upon the situation.

  4. Smartboards for Classrooms

    The days of blackboards and chalk dust will soon be over — if they aren’t already — and good riddance to them. An interactive white board is one of the best ways to communicate ideas to students. These brilliant, touch-sensitive devices allow you to project any subject on the surface with your computer, then interact directly with it using your finger, a pen or a stylus — and all without getting chalk on your fingers.

Bring Your Classroom into the Modern Age with Intellicom

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