Where to Place Business Surveillance Systems

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Surveillance camera placement is a critical issue for businesses, along with surveillance camera set-up. Where and how you place your cameras is a huge factor in the effectiveness of your system. If you do not know how to position surveillance cameras, you could miss critical areas of coverage. If there are blind spots, you can be sure criminals will find them. Here’s what you need to know about where to place surveillance systems.

How to Position Security Cameras

There are two main considerations to think about when positioning your security cameras:

  • Deterrence: Ideally, a potential thief or industrial saboteur will see your cameras, know they’re being watched, and walk away, just as if there were a security guard standing right in front of them. For this to work, however, the security cameras must be visible.
  • Investigation: If an intruder does try to break in or steal something, you want your surveillance cameras to spot them, either so you can alert the police immediately with real time monitoring, or so you can capture the thief’s image and know what they did and when they did it to make it easier to apprehend them later.

Both goals require your security cameras’ field of vision to be as complete as possible.

Surveillance Camera Placement Locations

The truth is, the best locations for security cameral placement will vary depending upon the specific building, the way it’s constructed and the way it faces the environment. When setting up your system, your security professional should take the time to help you locate the best places to position the cameras. However, here are a few key locations where you’ll almost always want to have surveillance cameras for your business:

  • Entrances and Exits: These may be the first points of entry intruders target, plus it’s the best place to get quality images.
  • Customer Transaction Points: If your office is consumer-facing, anywhere there are cash registers, teller stations or places where valuables or money are exchanged should have a security camera in sight and facing the spot where the transactions take place.
  • Valuable Targets: Any location in your facility where you keep valuables — whether that’s classified documents, a bank of expensive computers, jewelry or anything else — should be guarded by a wide view security camera to capture any robbery attempt in its entirety.
  • Parking Lots: Parking lots, as well as darkened alleys or other secluded areas on your property, are difficult to defend, and criminals know this. Well-placed, visible security cameras can let them know that you’re watching and guarding these areas.

Intellicom for Security Surveillance Setup

Even now that you know the best spots to install your security cameras, you shouldn’t try to connect them yourself. Professional surveillance camera experts can make sure the cameras are not only in the right places, but that they’re positioned correctly to capture what they are supposed to.

To have your business surveillance cameras set up and installed correctly in the North Carolina area, as well as with real-time monitoring and other protective features, contact Intellicom today.


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