Choosing the Best PA Systems for Your Stadium or Arena

 Choosing the Best PA Systems For Your Stadium or Arena

When it comes to your stadium or arena, the most important thing is probably the quality of the events you put on. The second most important thing may well be the quality if your PA system. If your attendees can’t clearly hear the music being sung, the names of the players of the sporting event taking place or the words of the speech someone is presenting, you are going to have some very unhappy customers.

That’s why when choosing a sound system for a stadium, you can’t leave anything to chance. You need to purchase quality speakers that are appropriate for a PA system for an arena or stadium. A set of speakers that are effective for the local school environment may not function effectively as a sound system for an arena seating thousands of people.

Setting up and Installing Your PA System for a Stadium or Arena

Once you have found great speakers that will work effectively for your arena or stadium, you’re only halfway done. Now it’s all about how you set those speakers up. You need to angle and space your speakers properly so they take full advantage of the acoustics of your building.

It’s important that you direct the sound into the stadium. Improper PA speaker setup can allow sound to escape your arena, possibly inviting complaints from your neighbors while detracting from the quality of the sound your guests enjoy.

Set up the Right PA System for Your Arena or Stadium With Help From Intellicom

How can you be sure you have chosen the right speakers and selected the right layout in your arena? You’ll know the first time you put on an event, but at that point it will be too late. That’s why it is so vital that you have a professional PA system services provider like Intellicom helping you with your PA system.

PA system installation is one of the many areas of expertise we have here at Intellicom. Simply call us up and tell us what your needs are, and we can have one of our experts come down to your facility with design advice on the best way to layout your speakers. We can also help you pick out the highest-quality speakers and install them.

The cost of getting help from Intellicom for your speaker system is far outweighed by the costs of setting up your PA system incorrectly. A poorly chosen or installed arena PA system can result in malfunction or poor sound quality, potentially hurting your reputation and your business and forcing you to do a costly rework of the system.

At Intellicom, we have the experts you can rely on for PA system installation in North Carolina, as well as parts of South Carolina and Virginia. For assistance in making your PA system the most cost-effective and high-quality system possible for your stadium or arena, just contact us today.


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The Top Four Technologies That Can Enhance Meeting Productivity

The Top Four Technologies That Can Enhance Meeting Productivity

If you have a busy office, meetings can be a blessing and a curse. Meetings are vital for keeping communication open in a company and making sure everyone is on the same page. However, unless you have a good system in place for increasing collaboration in meetings and increasing meeting productivity, they can be a drain on resources and even a waste of time.

Fortunately, the digital age continues to bring us great technology for increasing productivity in meetings. Here are four tools for meeting productivity that you may want to consider implementing in your office environment.

  1. BYOD

    BYOD, or bring your own device, is a collaborative meeting technique made possible by today’s array of high-efficiency mobile devices and an increasingly popular strategy for making meetings more efficient. A BYOD system allows any member of the team to quickly and easily connect to a whiteboard or projector to present files, illustrations or whatever is needed in 4K for the entire time on the spot.

    No longer is everyone dependent on one central source for information or waiting for someone to connect to a standard projector in order to present. BYOD is truly a marvel of collaborative efficiency.

  2. Smart Offices

    How much time do you waste in meetings trying to adjust the temperature, getting whoever is closest to the switch to turn the lights off or on or trying to get a screen down or a whiteboard in place? With a smart office application, you can link all of these features and more to a central control app, so you can adjust lights, temperature and screens with the touch of a button, saving you a tremendous amount of time and streamlining your meetings.

  3. Wireless Connectivity

    Trying to connect computers to projectors or monitors is already a Stone Age process when it comes to modern office technology. If you don’t have your conference room configured for total wireless connectivity, you’re wasting time. Wireless connectivity is affordable, speeds up everything and can save you a lot of headaches.

  4. SmartBoards

    The whiteboard is a simple piece of technology that serves a great purpose, which is why it has lasted so long. Haven’t you always thought there was a way you could make them better? Now there is. Today’s electronic whiteboards are the perfect meld of simple, efficient tools and modern technology, allowing you to write as you would on a regular whiteboard. They also add data and illustrations, move modules and send information just as if you were working directly on a computer.

If these ideas for boosting meeting productivity are appealing to you, and your business is located on or around Research Triangle Park or nearby areas in North Carolina, northern South Carolina or southern Virginia, get in touch with Intellicom. Cutting-edge AV solutions for conference rooms and businesses are one of our specialties, and we’re more than happy to get you hooked up for maximum meeting efficiency. Contact us for a free design today.


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Why Small Businesses Need a Local Network Service Provider

local computer network

Is your small business connected? Whether you’re just starting up or you’ve been in business for a while, if you have an office, employees and computers you use every day for your business, you should have a computer network. For small businesses in today’s fast-moving commercial environment, a good computer network is necessary.

Why Set up an Office Computer Network?

If you’ve been holding out on finding a computer network set up for a small business like yours, here are some important reasons for setting up that network right now:

  1. Workflow

    Possibly the greatest advantage of a computer network for your business is what it does to your ability to manage workflow. When your employees are all linked to a computer network, any employees you need to can access any files or data on the system at any time. There is no need to email files, save files onto a flash drive or use any other method of file transfer.

    This can be a huge time saver. Everyone knows where all of your digital files are located, so there is no extraneous communication. You can also see exactly who made changes to a file, what changes they made and when, making it easy to answer any questions about a file or data without any extensive logistics.

  2. Equipment Savings

    If you’re a small office, you don’t need any extra expenses. When you are connected to a local computer network, all computers in the office can work with a single printer, scanner or other peripheral. No need to pay for dedicated office computer equipment for every employee. You can also have all employees riding the same internet connection, so there’s no need to pay multiple internet access bills, and you can upgrade the whole company’s internet at once.

  3. Communication

    Employees don’t need to email each other or find other ways to connect through public internet. You can arrange it so that your people can message each other electronically through your company’s internal intranet.

  4. Reduced Software Costs

    Office software can be expensive. Rather than having to shell out for a usage license for every computer in your office, you may be able to buy a single business license for one connected computer that all the other computers in the network can access.

  5. Workstation Flexibility

    More and more offices, especially for small businesses and startups, are moving away from rows of cubicles and more toward an open floor plan. Implementing this kind of model is much easier when your team is connected through a local computer network because employees do not need to be at one set workstation to access computer files. Every computer on the network is essentially the same as far as retrieving files and data.

Intellicom, Inc. Can Help You With Your Local Computer Network

If you have a small business in and around the research triangle area and you’re ready to make the move to a dedicated local computer network, Intellicom, Inc. can help. Contact us for information on communications infrastructure and other local network solutions today.


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Solar Power for Businesses | Intellicom, Inc.

solar panel installation

Should your business go solar? While to some, solar may seem like the wave of the future, others may be afraid it is a passing fad or a waste of money. Others may think solar is more appropriate for a residence, rather than a company. The truth is that there are many benefits of solar power for businesses and those benefits are only growing. Here are five great reasons to use solar energy for business.

  1. Environmental Responsibility

    Today’s generation is more focused on protecting the environment than ever before, and with good reason. Issues of climate change, deforestation, pollution and other environmental issues dominate the news. When potential partners and customers see that you are a solar business, they know you are aware of the effect industry has on the environment and are taking steps to mitigate your own footprint, which can be very good for your image.

  2. Looking Modern

    Today's solar panels are not clunky metal squares awkwardly adhered to your roof. Modern solar arrays are streamlined, sophisticated and can actually make your physical property look much more state-of-the-art and updated.

  3. Saving Money

    You probably understand that solar panels can save you on electricity costs, but you may not understand just how much it can save you. If you have a net metering contract with your power company, that means you take as much energy as you can or need from the sun. You get the rest from the power grid.

    However, if you’re getting more energy than you need, you feed it into the power grid for credits, which can come in handy at times of heavy electricity use for your business, especially as electricity prices rise. In addition to all of this, your state may offer tax credits or other incentives for adding a solar array to your business.

  4. Higher Property Values

    While you may not be looking to sell your physical business property anytime soon, studies show that adding a quality solar array can noticeably raise your property values, earning you a better price if you do decide to sell for a relocation or expansion.

  5. Low Commitment

    Solar panels are very easy to install on your business roof, and you can install as many or as few as you need to. You can start by adding a small array to a small section of the roof, and if you like the results and want to try to do more, expand to more solar panels. It’s entirely in your hands.

Contact Intellicom, Inc. for More Useful Solar Information

Intellicom, Inc., famous for its security and telecommunication solutions, also provides solar technology solutions for businesses in the Durham, North Carolina area. We have the experience and technical expertise to help you design and implement the ideal solar energy solution for your business.

For more information on enhancing your North Carolina business with the benefits of solar energy, contact us today.


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