The Top Four Technologies That Can Enhance Meeting Productivity

The Top Four Technologies That Can Enhance Meeting Productivity

If you have a busy office, meetings can be a blessing and a curse. Meetings are vital for keeping communication open in a company and making sure everyone is on the same page. However, unless you have a good system in place for increasing collaboration in meetings and increasing meeting productivity, they can be a drain on resources and even a waste of time.

Fortunately, the digital age continues to bring us great technology for increasing productivity in meetings. Here are four tools for meeting productivity that you may want to consider implementing in your office environment.

  1. BYOD

    BYOD, or bring your own device, is a collaborative meeting technique made possible by today’s array of high-efficiency mobile devices and an increasingly popular strategy for making meetings more efficient. A BYOD system allows any member of the team to quickly and easily connect to a whiteboard or projector to present files, illustrations or whatever is needed in 4K for the entire time on the spot.

    No longer is everyone dependent on one central source for information or waiting for someone to connect to a standard projector in order to present. BYOD is truly a marvel of collaborative efficiency.

  2. Smart Offices

    How much time do you waste in meetings trying to adjust the temperature, getting whoever is closest to the switch to turn the lights off or on or trying to get a screen down or a whiteboard in place? With a smart office application, you can link all of these features and more to a central control app, so you can adjust lights, temperature and screens with the touch of a button, saving you a tremendous amount of time and streamlining your meetings.

  3. Wireless Connectivity

    Trying to connect computers to projectors or monitors is already a Stone Age process when it comes to modern office technology. If you don’t have your conference room configured for total wireless connectivity, you’re wasting time. Wireless connectivity is affordable, speeds up everything and can save you a lot of headaches.

  4. SmartBoards

    The whiteboard is a simple piece of technology that serves a great purpose, which is why it has lasted so long. Haven’t you always thought there was a way you could make them better? Now there is. Today’s electronic whiteboards are the perfect meld of simple, efficient tools and modern technology, allowing you to write as you would on a regular whiteboard. They also add data and illustrations, move modules and send information just as if you were working directly on a computer.

If these ideas for boosting meeting productivity are appealing to you, and your business is located on or around Research Triangle Park or nearby areas in North Carolina, northern South Carolina or southern Virginia, get in touch with Intellicom. Cutting-edge AV solutions for conference rooms and businesses are one of our specialties, and we’re more than happy to get you hooked up for maximum meeting efficiency. Contact us for a free design today.


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