Why Small Businesses Need a Local Network Service Provider

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Is your small business connected? Whether you’re just starting up or you’ve been in business for a while, if you have an office, employees and computers you use every day for your business, you should have a computer network. For small businesses in today’s fast-moving commercial environment, a good computer network is necessary.

Why Set up an Office Computer Network?

If you’ve been holding out on finding a computer network set up for a small business like yours, here are some important reasons for setting up that network right now:

  1. Workflow

    Possibly the greatest advantage of a computer network for your business is what it does to your ability to manage workflow. When your employees are all linked to a computer network, any employees you need to can access any files or data on the system at any time. There is no need to email files, save files onto a flash drive or use any other method of file transfer.

    This can be a huge time saver. Everyone knows where all of your digital files are located, so there is no extraneous communication. You can also see exactly who made changes to a file, what changes they made and when, making it easy to answer any questions about a file or data without any extensive logistics.

  2. Equipment Savings

    If you’re a small office, you don’t need any extra expenses. When you are connected to a local computer network, all computers in the office can work with a single printer, scanner or other peripheral. No need to pay for dedicated office computer equipment for every employee. You can also have all employees riding the same internet connection, so there’s no need to pay multiple internet access bills, and you can upgrade the whole company’s internet at once.

  3. Communication

    Employees don’t need to email each other or find other ways to connect through public internet. You can arrange it so that your people can message each other electronically through your company’s internal intranet.

  4. Reduced Software Costs

    Office software can be expensive. Rather than having to shell out for a usage license for every computer in your office, you may be able to buy a single business license for one connected computer that all the other computers in the network can access.

  5. Workstation Flexibility

    More and more offices, especially for small businesses and startups, are moving away from rows of cubicles and more toward an open floor plan. Implementing this kind of model is much easier when your team is connected through a local computer network because employees do not need to be at one set workstation to access computer files. Every computer on the network is essentially the same as far as retrieving files and data.

Intellicom, Inc. Can Help You With Your Local Computer Network

If you have a small business in and around the research triangle area and you’re ready to make the move to a dedicated local computer network, Intellicom, Inc. can help. Contact us for information on communications infrastructure and other local network solutions today.


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