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The cellphone is a miracle of modern technology, and it’s hard to imagine how we would get by today without them. A problem we still face when it comes to using cellphones, however, is the dreaded dead zone.

If you have dead zones in your office, you have a big problem. Without knowing how to minimize cellular dead zones, you limit the areas in your office building where you can effectively communicate when you need to. What causes a cellular dead zone, and what solutions are available for how to fix cellphone dead zones?

What Causes Cellphone Dead Zones?

A cellular dead zone is simply a place where the signal from the cell tower that facilitates your cellphone communication is not reaching your phone or other communications device, or is not able to send a strong enough signal to that device. This can happen for a number of reasons.

Simple distance can be one factor. The farther away you are from the nearest cell tower, the worse your reception. A dead zone is a place where you are as far from your primary cell tower as from the next tower in your area.

Obstructions can be another culprit. Everything from trees to various building materials have the potential to interfere with the signal. It’s why you rarely get service in places like tunnels and elevators. It’s also why there often seem to be dead zones throughout office buildings. Many materials in office buildings can be a challenge for cell signals to get through our around.

Other factors, like weather or how many people are accessing the tower, can also hurt cell reception. These are things your cell provider usually cannot do anything about. If you run a busy office where communication is vital, though, that answer is unacceptable. Fortunately, technology provides another solution.

How Technology Can Help You Minimize Cellular Dead Zones

Installing a DAS, or distributed antenna system, can help resolve a lot of your office dead zone problems. This is a network of separated antenna nodes that essentially split your signal so you need less power to provide signal coverage to a location. Your DAS will often work with a repeater system or wireless amplifier, technological innovations that can significantly boost the range and power of your cellphone network.

Contact Intellicom for Cellular Dead Zone Solutions Today

If you have a company in the fast-moving business environment of the North Carolina Research Triangle Park area, you can’t afford to not be able to connect. That’s why if you are struggling with dead zones, you need to get in touch with Intellicom right away. We have installed over a million square feet of improved signals in commercial buildings over the last 11 years, and we are sure we can help you with your dead zone problem.

At Intellicom, we can design and install a custom signal-boosting system, including affordable small cell, repeater and passive technology, and a complete DAS system encompassing design, installation, maintenance and emergency service. We can customize your system to fit your business, whether your biggest concern is cellphones, RFID sensors, radios or another type of device.

Our design takes into account the design of your building, so your system won’t look the same, whether you need it for a warehouse, a factory or a traditional business office.

Our DAS and other dead zones can help you reduce dropped calls, increase network speed at certain locations in your building, cut excessive power costs for your communications system and more. To find out how, get in touch with us today to request a quote or to find out about a project design.


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