Top Business Collaboration Tools for the Office

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In the modern world of business, collaboration is key. Studies have shown that good collaboration between colleagues can lead to more engagement from all employees, including those that work remotely. It also improves the ability of new employees to get up to speed faster and helps a company move more effectively toward its goals.

Today’s best collaboration tools for business are ones that enhance communication among employees, preferably in real time. What was considered collaboration in the past, such as two employees splitting a project or one employee giving a presentation and getting feedback, is not quite what we mean by effective business collaboration today.

Today, business collaboration means multiple employees developing and perfecting an idea at the same time, thanks to the advanced digital technology we can now access as tools for increasing collaboration.

Best Collaboration Software for the Office

There are a whole host of great business collaboration applications available today, but here are a few that are the cream of the crop to consider.


Asana is a project management platform that is famed for its flexibility. You can assemble Asana’s features in a variety of ways to suit your company’s specific needs. When configured the right way, Asana becomes a member of the team, making it incredibly simple for the right employees to work together to get each project or module of a project done effectively.


Kaltura takes advantage of the way video can communicate a lot of ideas to a broad base of people quickly and effectively. Large corporations and educational institutions use the platform, which allows executives to publish informative videos. It also lets employees contribute feedback as well as their own videos, bringing staff together in heretofore unimagined ways.


Collokia is a Google Chrome plugin that’s sort of like Google on steroids. This intelligent software takes your Google search results and turbo boosts them by overlaying them with feedback from fellow employees, annotations and ratings.

Your employees are probably using Google constantly, and many times they may be doing the same searches independently. With Collokia, there’s no need to keep reinventing the wheel. Information employees gain and conclusions they draw can be shared instantly with the next employee, turning your office into a hive mind with exponentially greater knowledge and capabilities than before. The amount of time and productivity you can gain is virtually limitless.

Making Collaboration Work

Of course, great business collaboration is about more than just software. Software is only as good as the hardware it runs on, and in the end, it’s the hard equipment that allows all this collaboration and communication to take place. You need a powerful network to make these tools work, and they work best in conjunction with effective hardware communication tools like video conferencing equipment, audio visual solutions and organized structural cabling to bring it all together.

That’s where Intellicom comes in. Our ability to help you design, install and run effective, high-value technology solutions for your business communications is unparalleled. If your business is located in or around the Durham Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina, we have the technicians, tools and equipment to turn your office into the perfect hub for business collaboration, with high-tech and reliable wireless displays, cabling, videoconferencing solutions and more.

For more details on how Intellicom can help you supercharge your business with enhanced communication techniques and state-of-the-art business collaboration hardware, contact us today.


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