Best Types of Alarm Systems for Office Environments

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While many people give serious thought to their home security and to the security of retail establishments, some may not be as careful when it comes to an office. This can be an unfortunate oversight. Offices are great targets for thieves, as they are often not heavily guarded and can contain plenty of treasures for the enterprising criminal, from computer equipment to televisions to office supplies.

On top of this, there is the ever-present threat of data theft or corporate espionage, which can have both short-term and long-term negative repercussions for your business. You need a reliable security system to protect your business, but there are so many different types of alarm systems for business. What are they, and which one is right for you? Possible options include:


Access Control Systems: An access control system gives you as a business owner total control over the comings and goings of your personnel. Your system can be a basic card reader system, where an employee has to swipe or pass a card over an access panel to gain entry. There are also more sophisticated options, such as a fob the employee carries in their pocket or even a biometric access method like a fingerprint or eye scan.

These systems can help prevent people from sneaking into your office, although they may not be effective against a nighttime break-in attempt from an outside element.


Security Alarm System: This is a system that includes options like glass break sensors, motion sensors, door sensors and window sensors that activate when someone unauthorized attempts entry at a time they shouldn’t. These sensors should not only trigger a sound alarm, but should also be linked to a 24/7 monitor station for maximum security. A team will be waiting around the clock to notify you and the proper authorities the moment a break-in attempt is detected.


Video Surveillance: Standard alarm systems can do a lot to protect you and your business, but adding video surveillance can give you an even greater level of protection. Having a video-surveillance system in place, especially one linked to 24/7 monitoring, is like having eyes on your business at all times, wherever you are, day or night. Video surveillance protects your business in multiple ways.

First, it can act as a powerful deterrent to break-in attempts, as highly visible video cameras let potential intruders know they are being watched before they even think about breaking in.

Second, it can generate a fast response. The monitoring team can alert the authorities as soon as a break-in is attempted, and since it is verified by the monitors, those authorities can act fast without fear of a false alarm situation.

Finally, should intruders be scared off and escape capture, the high-definition cloud-based recording technology can store clear video of the criminal who made the attempt, facilitating easier apprehension so he cannot attempt to break-in at a later date.


What’s the Best Alarm System for My Business?

So which alarm system is best for your business? If you have a smaller business that is not an obvious target for thieves, a basic security alarm with window, glass break and door sensors will often be sufficient.

For a slightly larger business, you will definitely want to have an access control system as well, and may want to consider a few video cameras. Larger businesses should have motion sensors for both inside and outside the facility; door, glass and window sensors; access control; a full range of video cameras; and 24/7 monitoring. These systems can pay for themselves with the first attack they thwart.


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