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Quality security for businesses is more important than ever. Criminals have become bolder, willing to break into offices to steal everything from office supplies to computers to valuable data they can resell. Competition is fierce in virtually every sector, making corporate espionage a constant threat. You need to use high-tech methods to protect your business. How do you choose the best office security system for your company?

There is a range of different types of office security systems, and the best security system for an office can vary depending on the size and nature of your industry. Often, security systems for businesses will include a range of security solutions. Here are some of the best types of security systems and how to determine if they are right for you and your business.

Access Control Systems

If your business has a number of restricted areas, where it is important that some personnel have easy access while others do not, an access control system is the place to start. As the owner or manager of your facility, you receive data about who is attempting to enter certain places and at what time, so you will always know who is in which areas of your facility and the history of access.

There are a number of different types of access control systems. The most basic is the simple card reader, where each employee has a card coded to their specific access permissions. They then slide or wave the card over a reader for access. The problem with cards is anyone who uses the card has access to that employee’s areas.

A more sophisticated version includes a fob, a device carried on the person that a reader can identify without actually having to be presented with a card that can be stolen. Another option is the use of passwords that are typed in, usually in combination with a card and biometric readers, such as fingerprint, voiceprint or retinal scanners that use physical attributes of the employee that cannot be lost or stolen.

Noise Alarms/Motion Sensors

The classic noise alarm is still highly effective, especially if it is linked to alert local law enforcement. These types of alarms can be especially useful in retail environments. No one should be there after hours, and the danger often comes from thieves or vandals who are likely to be scared off by a loud noise that could aid in detection.

Motion sensors that turn on lights and/or sound alarms are also a good idea for retail stores. They're also good for any environment that may be too large to adequately cover with security cameras cost-effectively, such as a campus or parking lot.

Video Cameras

Video surveillance is a security measure that can benefit almost any business. If your business has highly valuable equipment, documents, data or other assets on the property, it is usually worth it for you to invest in video surveillance. Today’s video surveillance options include high-definition cameras that can record to cloud servers, so there is no need to worry about limited storage. You can often identify anyone who has come into the range of one of your cameras.

Highly visible video cameras at all likely points of entry and covering any area in the facility where extremely valuable assets are located are a great way to deter potential criminals and to apprehend any who attempt to rob or vandalize your office.

Live Monitoring

Video surveillance is most effective when linked to 24/7 live monitoring. This means your cameras are linked to a live monitoring station where professionals are waiting to jump into action should your cameras pick up any suspicious activity. Not only can live monitoring help you react faster in the case of an attempted crime, but it also reduces the possibility of a false alarm, making emergency personnel more responsive when your business is under attack.

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