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You may have noticed that solar energy, once thought of as an inconvenient and not particularly cost-effective alternative for businesses, has been gaining in popularity. Should your business join in the solar revolution? Before you decide, here are some important reasons why many businesses today are choosing to take advantage of the benefits of commercial solar panels.

Why Should My Business Go Solar?

Just a few of the reasons commercial solar energy is growing in popularity include:

Cost: One of the reasons some companies may have shied away from commercial solar panel installation in the past is because they may have feared the savings would not have justified the expense. In the modern world of solar energy, you will almost certainly save money.

There are a number of ways this can happen. Some state governments offer tax credits for going solar, which can save you money right off the bat. Once installed, if you have a net metering arrangement with the power company, you pay less because you are draining less power from the grid. When you collect more solar power than you can use, you get credit by feeding that excess energy back into the grid.

In this way, an effective solar array can pay for itself very quickly.

The Environment: Commercial civic responsibility is more important than ever. With a pro-business government in place stripping away many environmental regulations, it is up to individual companies to police their own affairs in order to protect our community and future generations from threats to the environment from commercial enterprises.

Commercial solar panel installation is a great way to do this. More use of solar energy means less burning of fossil fuels, meaning a lower carbon footprint to negatively affect climate change. This allows you to feel better about your business practices and is great PR for environmentally minded consumers looking for companies to patronize.

Ease of Installation: Your commercial solar panels can go almost anywhere. The most common location is the roof of your business. The idea of rooftop installation is one that has given some businesses pause in the past, as they are afraid that unsightly solar panels will ruin the exterior aesthetic of their business. However, some modern panels are quite fashionable, looking pretty much like ordinary tiling, and some are not discernible as solar arrays at all.

In addition, solar energy itself is much more fashionable today. Customers or vendors that notice the panels on your roof may be more likely to want to work with your business as a forward-thinking company.

If rooftop installation does not make sense to you, either because of the shape or condition of your roof, you have plenty of other installation options with solar. You can set up a solar array in a back lot, parking area and even off-site location. Solar paneling is extremely versatile.

Building Value: If it ever comes time to move your facility and sell your building, your investment in solar paneling will not be wasted. Far from it. In fact, because so many businesses are moving toward solar, having a quality array is a high-value improvement that could increase the overall worth of your property.

Contact Intellicom, Inc. for Reliable Commercial Solar Panel Installation Today

If you’ve never worked with solar energy before, it’s understandable to be cautious. However, installing commercial solar panels for your business doesn’t have to be a big commitment. You can start by adding a small array, and if you want to save even more on power bills, expand with more panels later.

In and around the Research Triangle Park and greater Durham, North Carolina, areas, it doesn’t have to be difficult, either. Intellicom, Inc., the company well-known for providing superior telecommunications and security system solutions throughout the North Carolina Research Triangle and beyond, can handle all your solar panel installation needs.

We have a NABCEP-certified installation team with all the technical knowledge, tools, skills and experience to set up everything from a small rooftop array to a large solar field installation. We’re ready to start helping your business save big money on energy bills while doing your part for the environment right now. To learn more about solar panel installation with Intellicom, from design information to installation basics to cost, just submit a contact form online with your request today.


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