How to Choose the Right PA System for Your Business

Is your current PA system effectively serving your operation? If you haven’t put a lot of thought into your PA system, now is the time to do so. Here are some of the questions you should ask yourself when looking to buy and install a PA system.


1. What Is the Function of Your PA System?

The needs of PA systems for schools can be markedly different from your needs for a PA system for conference rooms. Start by asking yourself what you want out of your PA system. Does it need to accurately reproduce music? Does it need to be aesthetically pleasing? Does it need to reach a very wide audience or a relatively small one? Does it have to be portable? All of these questions will inform your decision on which PA system to choose.


2. How Much Do You Want to Spend on a PA System?

A PA system is made up of three basic components: A pickup device that converts sound waves into an electrical signal (microphone), an amplifier to boost that signal so many people can hear it and a loudspeaker that turns the electrical signal back into sound. Beyond that, you have choices to make. You can choose the number of speakers, the size of the speaker, the type of amplifier and so on.


What you choose will depend on your goals for the system. Your best approach will be to consult with a professional PA installer. Tell the professional your goals and budget for the system, and they can steer you toward the right equipment.

 pa systems for schools

3. How Big Is Your Audience?

If you just require a PA system for conference rooms in the same building, your needs will be much smaller than if you need to communicate with an entire building or an auditorium. If you need PA systems to communicate with audiences in multiple locations at different times, you may prefer to buy a portable system, although this has its advantages and disadvantages. Again, your PA professional can help you make this determination.


4. Buying and Installing Your PA System

It’s very important that you engage the services of a professional PA system services provider to help you pick out and to install your PA system. Failing to install the correct system, or installing it incorrectly so it does not run properly or there are malfunctions down the road, can be costly and time-consuming for your business.


For PA system installation in North Carolina, northern South Carolina and southern Virginia, the company to call is Intellicom. Intellicom has been setting up PA systems for businesses across all industries for more than 20 years, for businesses both small and large. Intellicom has the experience and knowledge to help you pick out just the right PA system components for your business and to install them correctly. For help picking out and installing the best possible PA system for your business or for a free quote on service, contact Intellicom today

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