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Meetings take place in your conference room every day. Some may be minor internal housekeeping tasks while others may be big pitches to potential clients or partners. Whatever the case, your conference room needs to be outfitted with top AV features to stay relevant. The best AV solutions for conference rooms allow smooth and effective communication and project an air of professionalism. Here are the five must-have AV solutions for conference rooms.


1. Videoconferencing Systems

The best conference room system integration is irrelevant if it doesn’t include high-quality videoconferencing capabilities. The internet has enabled your business to have a globally accessible conference room where you can meet with whoever you need to anywhere in the world, but you can’t take advantage of that fully if your videoconferencing system isn’t top notch.


That means a high-quality 4K television – preferably flush with the wall – crystal-clear audio with no echo and videoconferencing software that accommodates incorporating multiple remote locations, document sharing and other state-of-the-art features into your videoconferencing solutions. For small businesses and large ones, a great videoconferencing system is a must.


2. SMART Boards

The sure way to let others know your conference room system integration is not in step with the times is to lack a SMART Board. A SMART Board also happens to be an extremely convenient piece of technology. The SMART Board, a brainchild of Canada’s SMART technologies, is an interactive whiteboard, computer and projection screen in one. Multiple users can write, move objects and perform mouse functions on the board with just their fingers, making demonstrations and presentations clearer and more interactive.


3. Wireless Display Solutions

Another way for your conference presentations to lack professionalism is to have wires everywhere. In today’s wireless world, there’s no excuse for your conference room to be a tangle of wires and cables, no matter how many laptops or projectors you need to use. Clean conference room system integration means as few wires as possible.

 i cloud technology

4. Cloud Technologies

Cloud technologies are the ultimate in conference room system integration. The right cloud-based software allows anyone to control everything that accepts digital commands in the conference room with the touch of a button, from laptops to projectors to lights. With the right cloud software, you have total control over your conference room.


5. Telephone System

While a telephone may seem like an out-of-date device in this modern, videoconference-oriented world, it’s still a reliable source of communication. When you need one, you’d better have one that works efficiently, allowing clear communication for both parties without dropping any calls.


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If you’re looking for a quality conference room setup in North Carolina, northern South Carolina or southern Virginia, your best bet is to go with the conference room design company that has been doing it and doing it well for more than 20 years. Intellicom brings your meeting room into the modern age, with state-of-the-art BYOD collaboration, videoconferencing solutions for small and large businesses, and everything else you need to create the perfect conference room environment.


To find out more or get a quote on setting up your ideal conference room, contact Intellicom today.

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