Benefits of Cloud Video Recording & Monitoring Systems

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Security systems for businesses are an absolute necessity. There is no way to ensure your customers' or employees' safety without having a surveillance monitoring system hooked up and running. But it's not just about having video installed to see what's going on in the most security-protected areas of your business building or office — it's about accessibility, cost-efficiency and maintenance.

This is why, in recent years, many businesses have made the switch from traditional video surveillance systems to those that run on the cloud. Cloud video recording and monitoring has advanced the technology used to install and maintain video recording and monitoring while also heightening security and quickening installation. More than 90 percent of businesses have made the switch to cloud-based video surveillance, and the number continues to rise as people better understand the internet and technology advances.

The Essentials for a Cloud Video Surveillance System

Five characteristics specify a video monitoring system to be cloud-based as opposed to a traditional system. These five specifications include:


  1. On-Demand Self Service: There is no longer a need to supply an external IT team as any errors or glitches can be fixed on-site and internally.
  2. Broad Network Access: With access to the cloud, anyone can check the recording and functionality of a system through a phone, tablet, workstation computer or laptop.
  3. Resource Pooling: Physical and virtual resources are available for mass amounts of consumers, such as storage, memory, processing and network bandwidth.
  4. Rapid Elasticity: As demands of the system increase or change, the internal processing capabilities can flex and change to meet them.
  5. Measured Service: Usage of the system is controlled and optimized through a cloud system that is dependent upon each type of service.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Technology

Knowing the deemed qualifications for a cloud video recording and monitoring system, it becomes easier to see the benefits and advantages of using cloud technology as a security system for businesses.


1. Less Equipment

With a traditional video surveillance system, a lot of equipment and technology is involved. You need routers, monitors, cables, cameras and multiple installation packages. For a cloud video surveillance, you need a few cameras and an internet hook-up — everything else runs from the cloud.

2. Easy Installation

Because of the lesser amount of equipment, cloud technology has the capability for easy and smooth installation. Cloud video recording systems come with an on-site bridge application, a physical piece that you choose where your business is positioned. The internal system will autoconfigure all cameras and make the installation simplified. Traditional systems require software to install, routers and storage systems to configure and set up, cameras to position and a final application software to install. At the touch of a button, your cloud video surveillance is up and running, ready to operate.

3. Simple Maintenance

Because of the cloud's accessibility, there is no need to search for new software or program updates. The cloud will automatically apply any changes or upgrades that need to be performed. Should anything go wrong with your system, you report the issue and the internal network will complete a diagnostics check to understand where the problem stems from, allowing for easy fixability.

4. Safe and Secure Footage

Traditional video surveillance systems often have trouble with malware and viruses. In extreme cases, theft or burglary would occur, and cameras or monitors would be damaged, as well. With cloud video recording, there are no dangerous risks for malware. Because it is hosted internally, no open ports or onsite firewalls are required. There are options to add additional cybersecurity appliances during installation, but the cloud host protects against most vulnerabilities.

5. Increased Accessibility

One of the best advantages of cloud video monitoring is the accessibility. You don't have to be in your business building or office to monitor the security or happenings of your space at all times. With cloud technology, you can be at home or on vacation and periodically check in to make sure your system is running smoothly while also watching a video feed of the current monitoring.

Cloud Technology From Intellicom

If you're ready to upgrade the security systems for your business, Intellicom has the technology available for you. Our cloud services and video surveillance can help increase the security and operations of your business. We are the only single-solution provider in the North Carolina area and are ready to assist you. Contact us today by phone or request a project design to begin your journey with cloud video recording and monitoring.

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