Top Security Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

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Pharmaceutical Security Solutions In NC

If you have a business in the pharmaceutical industry, you are working in a critical field with potentially sensitive information. Whether you are involved in research and development, manufacturing or distribution, pharmaceutical security solutions are vital. That’s especially true in the Research Triangle Park area in North Carolina, where important pharmaceutical advances can happen at any time.

Providing a security system for a pharmacy’s main distributor or research facility requires a company that understands the specific threats to these types of companies. Among security companies in NC, the one to trust with your pharmaceutical security is Intellicom.

Custom Security Solutions In NC From Intellicom

Intellicom can protect your installation with state-of-the-art security solutions such as IP video surveillance. Our IP video surveillance system allows you to virtually and completely cover both the exterior and interior of your facility with high-definition cameras. These cameras can capture any unauthorized movement or activity around your business and store it for easy access, with 24/7 monitoring.

Nothing happens in your facility without your knowing about it. We can also offer advanced access control systems to make sure critical areas of your facility are only accessible by personnel you choose to authorize.

We are also happy to offer additional security measures such as alarms and public address systems as well as modern audio/visual communications systems so all key personnel are connected and any unusual or unauthorized activity can be detected quickly.

Call Intellicom To Protect Your Pharmaceutical Business

If you have a pharmaceutical business in the North Carolina area that has insufficient protection, there’s no time to waste. Every moment you don’t have adequate security puts your business at risk. To find out how Intellicom can protect your business right away, contact us now for a free design & a quote!

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