How to Keep Your Data Center Cool This Summer: Overheating Tips

Keeping Your Data Center Cool

If your business uses data servers to function, data center overheating can be a serious problem. At best, a data center overheating situation will cause servers to shut down, creating costly downtime that can hurt your business internally and any customers making use of your servers.

At worst, overheating can cause a malfunction or permanent damage to one or more servers. This could result in a loss of data or web infrastructure and may force you to purchase new servers.


What Causes Data Center Overheating?

As you might expect, data center overheating can happen as a result of very high temperatures affecting the servers. However, incidences of overheating are not necessarily directly correlated with external temperatures. They can also result from an air conditioner breaking down, a single server being overloaded with work or even as a consequence of a buggy update.

Thankfully, there are some ways to help prevent data center overheating. Here are some data center cooling tips.


Energy-Efficient Supplies

The more energy-efficient processors, fans and server power supplies are, the less electricity they have to pull and the less heat they’ll generate. As a result, they’ll have a lower chance of overheating.


Hot Aisle/Cold Aisle

Hot aisle/cold aisle is a way to organize server racks to reduce cooling costs. It involves alternating rows of services with hot air exhausts facing air conditioner return ducts in one aisle and cold air intakes facing air conditioner output ducts in the next aisle.

When using this system, you will usually raise the floor about one-and-a-half feet to get the full benefit of the air conditioning system.


Cable Management

The more tangled your cables are in the back of the server, the easier it is to trap heat back there, forcing heat loads back onto the server. Keep those cords straight and neat so heat can flow out of the server more easily.


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Protect Yourself From Data Center Overheating With Intellicom

Another great way to protect your company from overheating is to use a trusted data center company.


As NC communications experts, Intellicom fits that bill. We offer a wide range of business solutions in NC, including reliable data center storage. Our team of data center experts can help you design exactly the type of data center you need and build it for you so you can focus on doing business without worrying about the functionality of your servers. For more information on our data center solutions and other offerings, contact Intellicom, Inc. today. 

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