Top 5 Reasons Every Big Business Should Have an Access Control System

If you own a large business and are protecting your property with a standard key and lock system, it’s a good idea to consider access control solutions. For businesses, sophisticated access control can help protect you from industrial espionage, vandalism, theft and even liability. Here are five top benefits of access control for business.


1. Restricting Entrances and Specific Areas

Not all areas should be accessible to all employees. You may have sensitive information located in certain areas that lower-level employees should not have access to. You may require compartmentalization between departments for various reasons.


Whatever the reason, a simple “no admittance” sign is poor protection against employees violating protocol. With a quality access control system, you can set each entrance and area so that only those who are cleared for that area can get in.


2. Protecting Employees and Valuables

The whole point of having secured access to your building is to prevent unwanted intruders. Anyone who breaks in could make off with valuable property or assault an employee. A standard key lock is unlikely to deter an experienced burglar, but when they see an access control system that requires a card, key code or biometrics, they are more likely to look elsewhere.


3. Control Employee Access

Besides not wanting employees entering unauthorized areas, you may not want all employees to have access to the building or to certain rooms at certain times. With a good access control system, you can set the protocols so that a certain employee can only enter during his or her designated working hours, or so they cannot enter on the weekends. It’s up to you and whatever works best to control employee flow.


4. None of the Complications of a Key and Lock System

How many times have you dealt with lost keys or broken locks? These issues lead to lost time and productivity. With an access control system, you don’t have to worry about losing keys or jamming locks, because there are no keys. Even if you use a card reader system, it’s much easier to generate a new card than a new key — and you don’t have to physically change the locks.

 access control for businesses

5. Increases Employee Efficiency

Access control systems are just faster than fumbling with keys and locks. Your employees can spend less time trying to get into the building and more time inside doing their work.

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