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GPON Design & Services

GPON Design & Service in North Carolina

When it comes to meeting the increased demand for bandwidth, many IT managers are looking for transformation in their network architecture. To increase speed and consistency, a gigabit passive optical network, or GPON, may be the solution. This technology consists of unpowered (passive) optical splitters for network connectivity, which lowers network costs and energy consumption.


GPONs offer less costly connections than a standard Ethernet. By using a single fiber cable to serve up to 32 connections, the need for hardware decreases. This reduces cost and space necessary to host larger amounts of hardware to support the network. The technology has fewer electrical and moving parts than in the standard network, which lowers the risk of downtime that might cripple your productivity.


With a GPON installation, businesses can take advantage of faster digital communications, allowing for increased productivity and greater innovative services on the network. Our speed and customer service have made us one of the leading GPON network design options in NC cities like Durham or Charlotte for businesses of all shapes and sizes.


gigabit passive optical network

Advantages of Adopting GPON

Turning to a GPON installation company for your network development can deliver a series of benefits for your company, both in controlling your network and supporting the people who are using it. Here are four of the leading advantages our customers see when they adopt a GPON infrastructure architecture.


Reduced Physical Equipment Costs

Our work as a GPON design company has turned our engineers into experts at limiting the amount of physical equipment you’ll need for your fiber distribution network. We’ll eliminate physical switches thanks to splitting the fiber into multiple signals and even help you reduce the overall amount of fiber you need. This makes for a more affordable GPON installation that company leadership is always happy to see on budget sheets.

Reduced Maintenance Needs

The less physical infrastructure you have, the fewer pieces there are to be maintained and updated as the years go by and equipment ages. Through our GPON network design in NC and surrounding states, we’ve been able to build GPON systems that are less susceptible to equipment failures and are easier to maintain for existing IT staff.


GPON networks have fewer moving parts thanks to their reliance on passive equipment and network-level controls, making your budget stretch farther from installation through long-term use.


Networks Are Easier to Manage

Intellicom pushed to be a leading GPON design and installation company because of how easy these systems are to manage. Customers continually tell us that a GPON architecture reduces their ticket volume, has simpler troubleshooting requirements and its centralized management allows for adjustments to prevent data loss and network outages.


Companies that turn to GPON service providers in NC and beyond are saving money and easing the demands on their staff, which can lead to happier teams and fewer calls to outside field technicians.


Bandwidth Is Delivered More Efficiently

GPON networks typically offer a 2.4 Gbps downstream capacity with variable length packets that make your video and voice traffic easier to manage. Passive equipment such as optical splitters ensure your data delivery is efficient, even if you’re turning an optic strand into 32 separate signals, serving 128 end ports.

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