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Commercial Security Alarm Systems

Five Important Reasons to Secure Your Business

Protect Your People - Security alarms can be the best chance you must stop an intrusion as it happens. You don’t have to put anyone at risk to let criminals and vandals know that they’ve been recorded and law enforcement is on its way.


Protect Your Company - Security alarms paired with sensors throughout your building or yard can alert intruders and responders before there is a chance for harm to be done. Identify threats as far out as possible and loudly alert them to your security system.


Safeguard Your Locations - Do you have equipment that sits out in an unsecure location or are you expanding somewhere new? Give your equipment the safety it needs with a commercial alarm system in RTP, NC and the surrounding area. Install it where you need it and bring your protection with you.


Enhance Productivity - Some threats come from within. Guard against those and keep staff productive through monitoring and enforcement. Alarm and surveillance systems also provide a way to check machinery operation and stay on the good side of OSHA.


Learn Your Risks - We often hear questions about robust alarm systems for small businesses and why they’re needed. You never know who is a potential security threat, if existing employees are stealing or if something outside of your office could do your staff harm. A security video and alarm system is the perfect place to start your research and protect everything you need to run your business.


We’re your number one alarm company in Durham, NC, and we’re delivering safety and protection to businesses throughout our state. Won’t you be our next safety success story?

Three Reasons to Choose Intellicom

North Carolina businesses in the RTP, Raleigh, Charlotte and beyond are turning to Intellicom for their commercial security alarm systems because we offer some of the best engineers, equipment and coverage in the industry. You’ll find our systems on businesses of all shapes and sizes because our commitment to quality is unparalleled.


From enterprise coverage to alarm systems for small business locations, we offer three clear advantages:


  • The Best People - Our engineers deliver custom systems and deployments specifically tailored to your operation. We’ve seen it all and can protect it all.


  • The Smartest Technology - You’ll only get the best in solution and software to provide security and control. Know what’s going on every second and keep your property secure with a system that’s intuitive and robust.


  • The Greatest Experience - With more than 25 years of direct experience, Intellicom has obtained a 100% customer satisfaction record for all of our security alarm installations for NC businesses.


Your safety demands the best, and you’ve found them. Let us be your answer to the ever-evolving question of how best to secure your locations, people and business.


It's time to partner with one of the best alarm companies with one of the best alarm companies in Durham, NC!

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