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Huddle Rooms

Do you have huddle rooms in your office? Have you been hearing about huddle rooms and wondering whether they can be effective for your business? Huddle rooms are a new take on the conference room that can either fit in with or enhance your company culture to improve collaboration while streamlining workflow. Here’s what you need to know about huddle rooms for businesses.

What Is a Huddle Room?

While the large conference room still has its place, many modern offices are all about smaller group collaboration. But trying to reserve the conference room every time a small group wants to collaborate can be inconvenient, and multiple full conference rooms are usually not a cost-effective solution.

A better solution? Huddle rooms. Rooms with many of the more essential features of the conference room, but without taking up as much space. Dedicating space in your office to huddle rooms can have many advantages. For one, you can have more of them, so if multiple groups want to collaborate at the same time, there will be no fighting for space.

For another, smaller rooms encourage closer collaboration, a more intimate environment where each member may feel more empowered to contribute their ideas, knowing that they are more likely to be heard and receive useful feedback.

Finally, huddle rooms allow for more spontaneity. Whenever a few of your team members get an idea and want to hash it out, they can pop into a huddle room and do it, without having to worry about finding space or meeting out in the open.

What Technology to Consider for Well-Equipped Huddle Rooms

So, what should be in a well-equipped huddle room? You can actually equip many of your huddle rooms with the basics without incurring a tremendous expense. Naturally, you will want to have a small table and some chairs that people can sit around to share ideas. But, you'll also want to have some audiovisual equipment similar to what you have in your main conference room, such as electronic whiteboards — or SMART boards — a quality TV display, a reliable audio system and fast wireless connectivity to connect with a projector or your display system.

Huddle Spaces vs. Conference Rooms

Should you opt for multiple huddle spaces instead of conference rooms? In most cases, conference rooms still have their uses. You may have morning meetings that require all hands on deck, or you may be meeting with clients, either in person or through video conferencing, and prefer the professional appearance of the conference room for that purpose.

However, if you're trying to decide between a second conference room and multiple huddle rooms, you may find that huddle rooms provide a greater cost benefit. Your huddle rooms do not necessarily need complex telephone systems, do not require as much furnishing as a conference room and can usually be effective with smaller equipment.

In most cases, you should be able to outfit your huddle rooms for as much or less than it would cost you to create a new dedicated conference room, and it should give you more flexibility with respect to office space.

Furthermore, the existence of huddle rooms may actually inspire more collaboration among your employees, knowing they have these new rooms to share ideas in.

Contact Intellicom USA for Huddle Room and Conference Room Equipment Needs

Inellicom USA, the experts in audiovisual solutions for businesses, can equip your huddle rooms as easily as we do conference rooms. We can offer you high-resolution display screens, cloud-based conference room control software, fully interactive electronic whiteboards, crisp audio solutions and more.

We can also handle the design and installation, so your huddle rooms look exactly how you want them to. When you work with us, you'll get complete, reliable functionality from all your conferencing systems from day one.

Whether you are designing a new space and want huddle rooms to be a part of it or you're looking to integrate huddle rooms into your existing space, we can design a solution for you. We have equipped many conference rooms and huddle rooms with quality audiovisual and conferencing solutions over the years, and we're more than happy to do the same for your business.

If you have offices in Durham, Charlotte, or the surrounding areas in North Carolina — and some parts of South Carolina — we’re ready to help you take your team’s collaboration efforts to the next level. Contact us today for more information or to receive a quote on huddle room technology products, installation and other services from Intellicom.

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