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Access Control Systems for Apartment Complexes

If you've worked in or managed a modern office, you're no stranger to access control systems. Few businesses these days seem to rely on conventional keys — at the very least, most use card readers for access control.

Modern businesses understand that newer access control methods dramatically increase the security of your building and the safety of your employees and assets. So, why not take advantage of the same technology for an apartment building? If you're the manager or owner of an apartment complex and are interested in strengthening your security and the safety of your tenants, you will want to consider installing some kind of access control system.

What Kind of Access Control Systems Are Available for Apartment Complexes?

Whatever access control systems exist for businesses can be used for apartment complexes, as well. This can include everything from the simple card reader to key fobs that allow access as long as the resident has the fob on their person to solutions like biometric readers and even smartphone access control.

Benefits of Access Control Systems

The benefits of an access control system are virtually unlimited. They include:

  • Restricting Access: You can design systems, so residents only have access to their apartment and their floor — not others in the building — to increase safety. Restricting access is also useful if you have a retail space as part of your apartment complex, so you can allow the general public to access that space while only the residents can get into living areas.
  • No Lost Keys: When you use a fob, biometric reader or smartphone access, you don't have any keys to lose. This is great for senior residents who may be forgetful, and it also means fewer trips for the landlord out to let residents in. You also won't need to change locks because there may be a loose key floating out there somewhere.
  • Parking Access: Your access control system can include access for authorized residents to the parking garage, meaning no need for an additional garage door opener for them to lose or misplace, allowing strangers access to the whole building through the garage.
  • Common Area Access: The access control system can make it easy for approved residents to get into apartment gyms, lounges or other common areas.
  • Security Tracking: Access control systems also allow you as the manager to know exactly who is entering what areas of the apartment complex, as well as at what time. If there is an incident anywhere in the building, you can look through access control records to learn which resident or residents gained access or allowed others access to the area where the incident took place.
  • Easy Adjustment of Access: With an access control system in place, you will have no problem adding or deleting resident access as needed. If someone is moving out, you can make sure they no longer have access to the building the same day. No need for making new keys or changing locks.

Count on Intellicom USA for Access Control Systems in North Carolina

If you need access control systems for your apartment complex in North Carolina, get in touch with the company that has been providing access control support for businesses in the Research Triangle Park area, the greater Durham area and beyond for years. Our security experts can work with you to determine the best access control system and features for your apartment complex, and we can install the entire system for you.

If you’re ready to leave the headaches of apartment security worries behind and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you have full control and knowledge over who has access to every area of your apartment complex, it’s time to call Intellicom.

Whether you want biometrics, card readers, smartphone access or another type of access control system — and whether you have a major apartment complex or a modest apartment building — we can design and install an excellent access control system for you. We will send our own team of personally selected, highly-trained professionals to do the work, not subcontractors who we don’t know. We pride ourselves on providing the best people and the best equipment for your security system.

You can also call on us for any possible service needs for your apartment complex access control system in the future.

There’s no time to waste when it comes to the security of your apartment building and your residents. Contact Intellicom for a free quote on access control services today.

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