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Durham, N.C., is a major city rich with business opportunities, thanks in part to the many companies located in the Research Triangle Park. If you have a business in Durham, N.C., you need security. In Durham, N.C., the company you can count on for high-tech security solutions is Intellicom. We stand out among commercial security companies in Durham, N.C., because of our comprehensive suite of state-of-the-art services, from high-definition IP video surveillance cameras to easy-to-use but highly sophisticated access control solutions and intelligent alarm systems.   Because Durham, N.C., has become increasingly well-known as a growing center of industry and innovation, it’s also an area that can be particularly vulnerable to attack by unsavory individuals or companies looking to cash in on valuable company secrets. Our security solutions are used by a wide range of businesses in Durham, N.C., and are suitable for healthcare applications, pharmaceutical companies and a variety of commercial enterprises. Anywhere you have valuable data or property to protect is a place you need our comprehensive security systems.  

Security for Businesses in Durham, N.C., and Beyond

While Intellicom is the company you can trust for security in Durham, N.C., we know companies all over North Carolina and beyond have critical security needs. If your business is located elsewhere in North Carolina, be aware that Intellicom has successfully serviced companies in areas like Asheville, Greensboro, Charlotte, Wilmington and other North Carolina locations. For select larger companies, we have provided security solutions as far as areas like Danville and South Boston in southern Virginia and Spartanburg and Greenville in South Carolina.  

Protect Your Company’s Assets With Intellicom Now

If you’ve been leaving your business unprotected while looking for the right security company in Durham, N.C., you have no time to waste. Unscrupulous competing companies, burglars, and even malicious vandals have become much more sophisticated, and traditional security methods are not sufficient. At Intellicom, we can tailor security solutions for businesses in Durham, N.C. depending on your budget, the size of your company and your specific security concerns. Call us at 919-980-4295 or contact IntellicomUSA online for more information or a free quote on your new security system. Protect your valuable assets before it’s too late.

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