Best Security Company in Greensboro, NC

Best Security Company in Greensboro

Greensboro is one of the largest cities in North Carolina, notable for towering complexes like the Four Seasons Town Centre, a shopping mall with over a million square feet of shopping space, and the Greensboro Coliseum Complex. Its central location in North Carolina makes it a popular headquarters for businesses, and those businesses need reliable security, which is why Greensboro businesses frequently turn to Intellicom.

Security for Businesses in Greensboro

If you have a business in Greensboro, you need to protect it. Whether you have valuable equipment or sensitive data, almost every business has assets. It’s vital the wrong people do not get their hands on it. Today’s criminals are extremely sophisticated, which is why mere key locks on the doors will not do. You need solutions like video surveillance, high-tech alarms and commercial access control in Greensboro.

How do Intellicom’s high-tech solutions protect your Greensboro business? Our certified security engineers can establish a complete security plan to suit your business’ needs and budget. This can include traditional alarms and motion sensors that activate automatically to scare off intruders and alert security personnel to a potential breach, video surveillance with high-definition level cameras that record information safely to the cloud, linked to 24/7 monitoring so authorities can get to the source of an unauthorized intrusion fast, and sophisticated access control.

Our intelligent access control systems give you complete control over your facility, with the power to determine exactly who can go where in your building and when. Once you partner with Intellicom to develop the security you need, you’ll enjoy ultimate peace of mind knowing your assets are completely safe, even while you are home or at a remote location.

Data Center Services, AV and Network Cabling in Greensboro

Our high-tech digital solutions also include the ability to easily and efficiently handle all of your telecommunications needs. We have BICI RCDD engineers to set up your structured cabling in Greensboro, and our staff and technology are as top-of-the-line as any AV companies in Greensboro. Call Intellicom now and we can schedule your security installation, audio-visual solutions, and even data center plans at the same time, so you can concentrate on growing your actual business.

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If you’re not taking advantage of Intellicom’s wide range of high-tech security and telecommunications solutions in North Carolina, you may fall behind other North Carolina companies who already do. Get the Intellicom edge by filling out a contact form today so we can get started planning a complete security and telecom system for your successful business.


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