The Dangers of Buying Your Own Cables

Cheaper is not always better. You may feel that the Category 6 cable you get from your communications services provider is too expensive, and you can save money by buying and installing your own cables. There are a number of reasons why this could be a mistake.


First, trying to install cables yourself rather than doing it professionally could lead to myriad errors and hazards. This would require you to bring in a professional anyway, costing you more money and wasting your company’s time. Additionally, if you find cheap cables, you just might be purchasing CCA cables without realizing it.


What Is CCA Cable?

CCA cable is copper clad aluminum cable, and it is cheaper because it is made of aluminum rather than solid copper. However, here is a clear case of “you get what you pay for.” While these cables are cheaper, cables made with CCA conductors are just not worth the risk. They are not standards-compliant and they do not have a valid UL safety listing under the National Electric Code, or NEC. If you find a CCA cable with a UL mark suggesting it is in compliance, it is probably counterfeit.


For one thing, CCA cables tend to offer significantly lower network performance than standard cables, which will frustrate your employees and cost you efficiency. Because aluminum cable has more than one and a half times the resistance of a similar copper cable, you will generate more heat and lower voltage, potentially resulting in not enough power to your end device and increased insertion loss. The poor workmanship of CCA cables can also lead to bit errors and faulty links.


Just as important, however, is the safety issue. Standard cables are tested rigorously for the risk of fire damage and spreading. CCA cables typically are not, and it’s easy to see how catastrophic a cable fire can be for your business.


How to Identify CCA Cable

If the cable you buy is significantly cheaper than you would expect, that would be a first indicator. In addition, you can scrape the conductor to see if the copper rubs off, revealing aluminum underneath. You can also weigh the cable against cable you know to be real copper, since copper is heavier.


Rather than buying cable yourself and worrying about how you can figure out if it is CCA cable or not, your best bet is to contact a professional communications company to provide and install your cables. Thousands of customers from a wide variety of industries, including finance, real estate, health care and many others, use Intellicom for their unified communication needs. We offer expert communication services and can handle all your cable-related needs and more.


Don’t put your company at risk by attempting unskilled installation of potentially CCA cables. Contact the experts at Intellicom today.

Top 5 Security Systems Every Business Needs in 2019

One of the most important factors in having a successful business is having the right security. Technology for building security systems moves so quickly these days that there are even more options when it comes to security and alarm systems for commercial buildings than there were a few years ago.

Seven Security Options to Keep Your Business Safe

Instead of just our top five security systems for 2019, we've compiled a list of the top seven security systems for 2019 you should consider.

1. Outdoor Security Cameras

It all starts with reliable outdoor security cameras. Often, the mere presence of visible outdoor security cameras can deter potential intruders, as they can see right away they are being watched. Make sure your security cameras include High Definition video, cloud storage and optimally, a connection to a 24-hour monitoring station, so you and the authorities can act fast should a break-in attempt occur.

2. Indoor Security Cameras

Unfortunately, criminal activity in your business doesn’t always limit itself to strangers or unauthorized intruders. If you operate a retail establishment, it is especially essential for you to know what is going on inside your building. Reliable indoor security cameras similar to the ones you have mounted outside can serve as a deterrent, as well as help you quickly and accurately identify those in your facility who are misbehaving.

3. Access Control

Access control systems allow you to have a much better grasp over who can and cannot get into various areas of your business at any given time. Many companies are moving toward a biometric model, where entry is keyed to an element that cannot be lost or copied like an employee’s fingerprint or retinal pattern. You can control exactly which individuals can enter which areas at which times and always know who has entered a particular area and when.

4. Intrusion Alarms

Intrusion alarms are among the most basic of commercial building security options, but they can still also be among the most effective. These small-business alarm systems monitor your building and in the case of unauthorized access, set off a loud alarm and alert local authorities. Simple, but an extremely effective deterrent to intruders.

5. Motion Sensors

For areas where a traditional burglar alarm is not practical, motion sensors can quickly and effectively alert you and the authorities when someone is present in a place or at a time in your facility when they should not be.

6. App Controlled Indoor Drones

A new security measure — and one that is quickly growing in popularity — small, camera-enabled drones you control yourself through a simple wireless app are another simple and effective way to keep your eyes on those in your building.

7. Outdoor Security Robots

There's no need for the expense of a human, fallible security guard when you can purchase one or more outdoor security robots to patrol your facility at the locations of your choice. These bots provide 360-degree views and real-time tracking to deter or alert you to any unwanted activity around your facility.

With more than 25 years of experience, Intellicom can help you with all the commercial security system services you need in Raleigh, North Carolina, Charlotte, Research Triangle Park and beyond. We have an extremely experienced, professional staff with more than 80 years of combined experience, some of the highest-tech security solutions in the business and a full commitment to our customers. To learn more, contact us now.

How to Choose the Right PA System for Your Business

Is your current PA system effectively serving your operation? If you haven’t put a lot of thought into your PA system, now is the time to do so. Here are some of the questions you should ask yourself when looking to buy and install a PA system.


1. What Is the Function of Your PA System?

The needs of PA systems for schools can be markedly different from your needs for a PA system for conference rooms. Start by asking yourself what you want out of your PA system. Does it need to accurately reproduce music? Does it need to be aesthetically pleasing? Does it need to reach a very wide audience or a relatively small one? Does it have to be portable? All of these questions will inform your decision on which PA system to choose.


2. How Much Do You Want to Spend on a PA System?

A PA system is made up of three basic components: A pickup device that converts sound waves into an electrical signal (microphone), an amplifier to boost that signal so many people can hear it and a loudspeaker that turns the electrical signal back into sound. Beyond that, you have choices to make. You can choose the number of speakers, the size of the speaker, the type of amplifier and so on.


What you choose will depend on your goals for the system. Your best approach will be to consult with a professional PA installer. Tell the professional your goals and budget for the system, and they can steer you toward the right equipment.

 pa systems for schools

3. How Big Is Your Audience?

If you just require a PA system for conference rooms in the same building, your needs will be much smaller than if you need to communicate with an entire building or an auditorium. If you need PA systems to communicate with audiences in multiple locations at different times, you may prefer to buy a portable system, although this has its advantages and disadvantages. Again, your PA professional can help you make this determination.


4. Buying and Installing Your PA System

It’s very important that you engage the services of a professional PA system services provider to help you pick out and to install your PA system. Failing to install the correct system, or installing it incorrectly so it does not run properly or there are malfunctions down the road, can be costly and time-consuming for your business.


For PA system installation in North Carolina, northern South Carolina and southern Virginia, the company to call is Intellicom. Intellicom has been setting up PA systems for businesses across all industries for more than 20 years, for businesses both small and large. Intellicom has the experience and knowledge to help you pick out just the right PA system components for your business and to install them correctly. For help picking out and installing the best possible PA system for your business or for a free quote on service, contact Intellicom today

Top 5 AV Solutions Every Conference Room Needs

Meetings take place in your conference room every day. Some may be minor internal housekeeping tasks while others may be big pitches to potential clients or partners. Whatever the case, your conference room needs to be outfitted with top AV features to stay relevant. The best AV solutions for conference rooms allow smooth and effective communication and project an air of professionalism. Here are the five must-have AV solutions for conference rooms.


1. Videoconferencing Systems

The best conference room system integration is irrelevant if it doesn’t include high-quality videoconferencing capabilities. The internet has enabled your business to have a globally accessible conference room where you can meet with whoever you need to anywhere in the world, but you can’t take advantage of that fully if your videoconferencing system isn’t top notch.


That means a high-quality 4K television – preferably flush with the wall – crystal-clear audio with no echo and videoconferencing software that accommodates incorporating multiple remote locations, document sharing and other state-of-the-art features into your videoconferencing solutions. For small businesses and large ones, a great videoconferencing system is a must.


2. SMART Boards

The sure way to let others know your conference room system integration is not in step with the times is to lack a SMART Board. A SMART Board also happens to be an extremely convenient piece of technology. The SMART Board, a brainchild of Canada’s SMART technologies, is an interactive whiteboard, computer and projection screen in one. Multiple users can write, move objects and perform mouse functions on the board with just their fingers, making demonstrations and presentations clearer and more interactive.


3. Wireless Display Solutions

Another way for your conference presentations to lack professionalism is to have wires everywhere. In today’s wireless world, there’s no excuse for your conference room to be a tangle of wires and cables, no matter how many laptops or projectors you need to use. Clean conference room system integration means as few wires as possible.

 i cloud technology

4. Cloud Technologies

Cloud technologies are the ultimate in conference room system integration. The right cloud-based software allows anyone to control everything that accepts digital commands in the conference room with the touch of a button, from laptops to projectors to lights. With the right cloud software, you have total control over your conference room.


5. Telephone System

While a telephone may seem like an out-of-date device in this modern, videoconference-oriented world, it’s still a reliable source of communication. When you need one, you’d better have one that works efficiently, allowing clear communication for both parties without dropping any calls.


Questions? Contact Us


If you’re looking for a quality conference room setup in North Carolina, northern South Carolina or southern Virginia, your best bet is to go with the conference room design company that has been doing it and doing it well for more than 20 years. Intellicom brings your meeting room into the modern age, with state-of-the-art BYOD collaboration, videoconferencing solutions for small and large businesses, and everything else you need to create the perfect conference room environment.


To find out more or get a quote on setting up your ideal conference room, contact Intellicom today.