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security company in Charlotte nc

Telecom & Security Services in Charlotte 

Charlotte is the largest city in North Carolina and home to major financial institutions like Wells Fargo and Bank of America, so it’s only natural that businesses in Charlotte would have serious security needs. Businesses who know business security companies in Charlotte, N.C. turn to Intellicom.

For Top Business Security Systems in Charlotte, N.C.

When you’re seeking commercial security systems for a Charlotte, N.C. business, you can’t afford to cut corners. One security leak could be disastrous to your company. Intellicom is a company that Charlotte businesses trust because we have years of experience providing quality security solutions in North Carolina. Our certified security engineers help create a comprehensive strategy for security for businesses in Charlotte, N.C. that can include intelligent access control, sensors and alarms and high-tech video surveillance and monitoring.

Commercial Access Control in Charlotte, N.C.

One of your most basic business security needs is good access control. If you are relying on a lock and key to protect your business and its assets, it is only a matter of time before you are the victim of some kind of unauthorized intrusion. Intellicom has access control systems that are easy to use and understand but hard to circumvent. Intelligent access control allows you not just to control who gets in the front door, but also who has access to sensitive areas and when you allow access.

Video Surveillance in Charlotte, N.C.

Intellicom’s video surveillance is more than just a camera at the front door. It’s strategically placed high-definition IP cameras that can cover all of the potential trouble spots in your facility and record all the data it captures to the cloud. Pair it with 24/7 monitoring for a quick response to any possible intrusion.

Alarms and Sensors in Charlotte, N.C.

Protect difficult-to-secure areas with intelligent motion sensors and loud alarms that will deter anyone from getting too close to your treasured assets without authorization.

Telecom Services in Charlotte, N.C.

Intellicom is also your one-stop shop if you’re looking for telecom companies in Charlotte, N.C. We offer:


  • Structured cabling in Charlotte, N.C.: If you need cable structuring services or network cabling in Charlotte, N.C., call on Intellicom’s BICSI RCDD engineers to set up your system in the optimal configuration fast.


  • Data center services in Charlotte, N.C.: Protect your company’s valuable data with a range of highly reliable data center services from Intellicom.

Call Intellicom for Security & Telecom in Charlotte, N.C.

For security and telecom solutions in North Carolina, including Charlotte audio video installation, all you have to do is fill out a contact form, and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible to discuss our services or provide you with a free estimate.


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security companies in Raleigh nc

Best Security Company in Raleigh

As the capital city of North Carolina and a part of North Carolina’s famous “Research Triangle,” Raleigh has a great need for quality business security systems. Fortunately, for reliable security services in Raleigh, N.C., there’s Intellicom.

Alarm, Video Surveillance & Access Control in Raleigh

Intellicom is a leading security company in Raleigh, N.C. because of our high-tech solutions and extremely qualified personnel, which includes certified security engineers and BICSI RCDD engineers. Intellicom works with you and your existing security program to give you the best security solution while staying within your budget. Other security and access control companies in Raleigh may just set up your system and leave, but we make it a point to ensure our customers are completely comfortable and satisfied with their security system long after we have set it up. This is how Intellicom has become one of the most popular choices for commercial security systems in Raleigh. Intellicom can protect your business with high-tech systems for:


  • Intelligent Access Control – Lock and key security systems are outdated and easy to bypass, and security guards are expensive, fallible and cannot be everywhere at all times. Our intelligent access control systems let you control exactly who goes where in your facility and when, and they’re designed to thwart potential hackers trying to beat the system.


  • Video Surveillance – High-definition video cameras we strategically place around your facility can deter unwanted intruders and let you know fast if someone has breached your facility so you can take quick and decisive action. Combined with 24/7 monitoring, both you and the authorities can know almost instantly if you require intervention.


  • Alarms – Alarms and sensors can provide an added level of security, protecting areas and assets that are difficult to secure by other means and issuing an unmistakable warning to intruders that will scare off most offenders and alert the entire facility to the attempted intrusion.

Leading Security &Telecom Company in Raleigh

In addition to great security, Intellicom is the company to call for data center services, AV services and structured cabling in Raleigh. As the leader in providing commercial communications systems in North Carolina, you know we are a company you can trust for all of your businesses’ telecommunications needs. Our advanced systems and expert engineers can streamline your communications and data systems to optimize your workflow and boost your bottom line.

Contact Intellicom for Security Services in Raleigh, NC

If you’re ready to protect your business and enhance your company communications with the best telecom and security company in the Raleigh, N.C. area, all you have to do is contact Intellicom now.


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telecom for the pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical Security Solutions In NC

If you have a business in the pharmaceutical industry, you are working in a critical field with potentially sensitive information. Whether you are involved in research and development, manufacturing or distribution, pharmaceutical security solutions are vital. That’s especially true in the Research Triangle Park area in North Carolina, where important pharmaceutical advances can happen at any time.

Providing a security system for a pharmacy’s main distributor or research facility requires a company that understands the specific threats to these types of companies. Among security companies in NC, the one to trust with your pharmaceutical security is Intellicom.

Custom Security Solutions In NC From Intellicom

Intellicom can protect your installation with state-of-the-art security solutions such as IP video surveillance. Our IP video surveillance system allows you to virtually and completely cover both the exterior and interior of your facility with high-definition cameras. These cameras can capture any unauthorized movement or activity around your business and store it for easy access, with 24/7 monitoring.

Nothing happens in your facility without your knowing about it. We can also offer advanced access control systems to make sure critical areas of your facility are only accessible by personnel you choose to authorize.

We are also happy to offer additional security measures such as alarms and public address systems as well as modern audio/visual communications systems so all key personnel are connected and any unusual or unauthorized activity can be detected quickly.

Call Intellicom To Protect Your Pharmaceutical Business

If you have a pharmaceutical business in the North Carolina area that has insufficient protection, there’s no time to waste. Every moment you don’t have adequate security puts your business at risk. To find out how Intellicom can protect your business right away, contact us now for a free design & a quote!

Telecommunication Services In SC

  South Carolina is a state with a rich history. It’s a popular tourist spot due to its location on the Atlantic Ocean and a major source of production for the automotive and agricultural industries. South Carolina is also a popular landing spot for many corporations due to its very business-friendly tax laws. You will find multiple Fortune 1000 companies in South Carolina.   The proliferation of businesses in South Carolina means that to succeed there, you’ve got to be able to compete, and one of the ways you can stay with or even get ahead of the pack is with quality network solutions. South Carolina businesses located in Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson or other northern parts of the state can count on Intellicom as their only network cabling company in S.C. Whether you are looking for complete solutions for telecommunications in Charleston, S.C., a reliable video conferencing system in Greenville or a data center solution in Clemson, Intellicom can help, with services that are both easy to implement and budget-friendly.  

World-Class Data Center in Northern S.C.

A quality data center is vital for storage and access of the data you need to analyze metrics, manage customer information and evolve your business. Our data center experts can work with you to figure out exactly what your specific needs are with respect to your data center in Spartanburg, S.C. or elsewhere throughout northern S.C. We have BICSI certified Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDDs) to guide the design, installation, and implementation of your data center, with floor support, migration support and operation support so you never have to worry about being able to access and utilize your data.  

Structured Cabling Services in Northern S.C.

Today’s effective business telecommunications is all about having a quality, efficient cable network. Intellicom can install all your fiber optic cable to maximize efficiency, create an aesthetically pleasing system and allow easy access to your cabling in case of a maintenance issue. We assist with planning, design, installation, and testing of your complete cable network, so you never have to go anywhere else for telecommunications solutions.  

Videoconferencing in Northern S.C.

Today’s business partners and clients expect to be able to see the person they are going to be working with face to face, no matter where they are in the world. That’s why you’ve got to have audiovisual solutions that work. Intellicom allows you to enjoy clear, fast, professional, face-to-face communication with just about anyone, just about anywhere from your northern South Carolina location. We can tailor your AV solution to meet the specific needs and budgetary requirements of your business.  

Contact Intellicom Today

If you need quality telecommunication services in the N.C., northern S.C. and southern V.A. areas, you can’t afford to wait. Contact Intellicom today.


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