The biggest growth presently in energy technologies is renewable energies. Solar Power is no exception. 

While a few years ago solar panels were a ‘space-age’ technology you could investigate a science museum, today businesses, residences and public power companies harvest energy from the sun regularly to supplement more traditional sources. This new demand for solar energy and its technologies requires intelligent connectivity to manage these complex environments.

Large solar field installations often require Engineers and technicians familiar with the equipment and designs. Intellicom has the background, certifications, and technical expertise to work with you on the design and implementation of your site.

How Can Solar Panels Help Your Business?

What are the advantages of solar power? There are quite a few. The most obvious, of course, is saving money. The larger your solar panel field is and the more solar energy you use, the less reliant you are on the electric power grid, which can mean huge savings over the course of a year.

Other advantages include benefits to the environment. You reduce your reliance on less clean energy sources and can feed excess solar power back into the grid, plus engender goodwill to the local community and your potential customers.

What to Consider With Solar Panel Installation

One important thing to consider is whether or not your solar panel installer is NABCEP-certified. NABCEP is the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners, and its certification guarantees your installer is knowledgeable and experienced in solar panel installation.

You will also want to consider how you want to set up your solar array. The most common choice and the one that residential solar power users employ is a rooftop solar array, with photovoltaic panels installed on the roof of your facility. However, many businesses are moving toward solar farms, which are large areas containing towers that move with the sun, collecting energy to maximize the amount of power you can generate.

The Process of Installing Solar Panels

Installing solar panels is mainly a matter of having the solar technicians come to your site and set up the towers or apply photovoltaic panels to your roof. How long it takes to install the solar panels is mainly a function of how large an area you are using for your solar field. A rooftop installation for a medium-sized building usually takes no more than a few days.

A large solar field installation may take a little bit longer. Your solar installation expert will assess your situation and give you a fairly accurate assessment of how long the process should take.

Intellicom for Large Solar Field Installation in NC

If you’re ready to consider solar panel installation in North Carolina, Intellicom is ready to get started with you. Our NABCEP-certified installation team is fully equipped to perform a standard installation or large solar field installation right now. For more information about solar power, the solar power design process or how you can get an energy-saving solar field up for your facility, fill out and submit the information form provided and we’ll be in touch right away to tell you more.

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