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Video Conferencing

Intellicom's Video Conferencing Systems


Our video conferencing systems incorporate a wide variety of capabilities, including SMART interactive collaboration technology that allows a completely dynamic work environment and integrated boardroom presentation systems you can quickly use to present from any device. They also include digital signage that allows you to advertise, show your own video clips or graphics, announce special events or get other vital information to your colleagues.


At Intellicom we understand that your next meeting, presentation, classroom training or special event is extremely important to you. That is why we strive to produce the ultimate experience for any audience. Whether it’s video conferencing capabilities, an integrated presentation system for your boardroom, SMART interactive collaboration technology, dynamic digital signage for your lobby or training for your new system, we’re your audio-visual resource.


We have established ourselves as a company that remains abreast of the newest advanced products while providing superior service and support. You can expect to see the top benefits of video conferencing for your business including less travel and more efficient communications.


Video demand is expected to continually rise and expand both in use and to help grow your business. Whether it’s LA, Hong Kong, Charlotte, Durham or just down the street, you’ll be able to have crystal clear interactions with everyone who can help your business.


Video Conferencing

Video conferencing allows you to collaborate face-to-face instantly with employees, customers and vendors no matter where they are located. Audio conferencing is more than just a speakerphone. Connect multiple parties using microphones, speakers and sound-enhancing features, such as noise cancellation and amplifiers, to have the clarity you would expect from being in the same room.


Improve your relationships with customers without the expense of traveling to see them or share learning tools and information with a diverse group no matter where you are. It’s a competitive advantage to bring information to your team, customers and partners faster, and video conferencing can do just that.


Presentation Systems

One of our greatest strengths is designing and integrating custom audio-visual presentation systems for a multitude of business, educational and medical environments. We allow you to present from any device – PC, laptop, tablet or phone, and have a completely wireless system. No more struggling to find the right cord or adapter!


We partner with SMART Technologies to bring you the ultimate collaborative meeting, training or classroom experience. With dynamic digital signage, you can advertise, display important information, announce upcoming events and show your own video clips and animated graphics. This technology is being used to augment or replace traditional static signage.


Video conferencing setup in North Carolina doesn’t have to be expensive or out-of-date. We bring a wide range of technologies and expertise to your install so your efforts are more effective and you can cut costs by reducing paperwork and much more.


Video Conferencing Solutions for Your NC Business

Intellicom provides video conferencing solutions for small businesses and large enterprises to help boost your ability to reach your audience and communicate effectively to a wide range of people. From meetings and conferences to interviews or evaluations, Intellicom video conference solutions for North Carolina businesses are designed to improve your operations and boost productivity.


Contact Intellicom to learn about our wide range of AV and video conferencing services with integration for today’s leading security and intelligent cabling needs. Video conferencing solutions for North Carolina from Intellicom are an industry leader, and you’ll see why we have a 100% satisfaction rate with our video conference customers.

Conference Rooms

AV Solutions For Conference Rooms


Our commercial AV installations for conference rooms can give you crisp, clear, engaging audio. In addition, you'll have simple control over anything in the conference room wirelessly from wherever you happen to be, BYOD collaboration that allows anyone in the conference to contribute ideas, easy connectivity and the ability to present instantly.

With industry-leading hardware, advanced software and cutting-edge cloud technologies, Intellicom offers complete AV solutions for any business and corporate environment. Add smart boards for conference rooms in your NC office, expand your meeting with a high-definition phone bridge system or give yourself pristine systems flexible enough for a morning huddle or office-wide meeting that are sure to impress your board. Intellicom can help you choose the best AV solutions for your conference room today!


Easily connect, present and collaborate, wired or wireless, with any device in any size space. Intellicom is a conference room design company that can engineer a solution not only for your team but also your equipment. More Macs are moving into meetings and board rooms than ever before, and not just from the creatives.


No matter what equipment your team has — or if you’ve joined the ranks of companies offering Apple products as incentives in the corporate environment — we’ll perform the conference room system integration you need to have a smooth meeting with clear video and audio during your next meeting.

engaging audio image

Engaging Audio

Keep all ears in the room captivated with crisp, clear, reliable audio. No more echo or annoyance.
clicking ipad image

Simple Control

Easily control anything in the room over IP from anywhere in the world! We strive to have the best, simplest presentation systems in NC.
collaboration image

BYOD Collaboration

Present in 4K from any device, team-edit documents in real-time, turn the main display into a whiteboard, and more. This technology we provide makes us the leading conference room design company in NC.

connectivity image

Easy Connectivity

Whether you’re wired or wireless, easily connect from anywhere in the room.Conference room system integration is always simple with Intellicom.
    instant presentation image

      Instant Presentation

      Present instantly — wired or wireless — with cutting-edge switching & scaling technology.


Intellicom brings a unique blend of the most cutting-edge cloud technologies, advanced software and time-tested hardware to the modern-day meeting space. We also offer solutions from the simple and efficient, to the elegant and complex. 
Intellicom is fully equipped to service and setup conference rooms of all sizes and purposes. We provide top-of-the-line teleconferencing and video support, and we can even include multimedia presentation options from multiple sources. To finish-off your conference room, Intellicom can provide deluxe equipment and furnishings, in addition to Wi-Fi and high-speed internet app and service support!

conference room layout diagram
4K Meeting Room
huddle room diagram
Huddle Room
executive boardroom layout diagram
Executive Boardroom


Whether it's multi-screen presentations or video conferencing, Intellicom boardroom solutions offer power, flexibility, and advanced scaling technology. We’re a leading choice in AV design and smartboard installation for conference rooms in NC businesses from Raleigh to RTP and the surrounding NC areas. 

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meeting room layout
meeting room layout for presentations


Enhance productivity during meetings by making it easier to present and share content wirelessly from any device to any device and to the main display. Intellicom offers Collaboration & Presentation Solutions with advanced collaboration tools for any meeting space, including device mirroring, team editing in real time and whiteboard annotation. In the digital age, everything talks. We’ll help you put together a smart system that will support all of your devices and is designed to adapt to new architecture or platforms, so tomorrow’s tech is more likely to work too. We’ve earned our 100% satisfaction rate, so click below and find out why you’ll like us too.

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Control anything in the room over Ethernet from anywhere on any iOS or Android device. The K-Touch Control Platform lets integrators remotely design and maintain advanced, user-friendly room control systems from the Cloud for screens, projectors, lights, Blu-Ray and DVD players, HVAC, any AV system, and more. Turn to Intellicom as your conference room design company, and we’ll create a robust platform and equipment setup to give you total control. And we have a lot of meetings ourselves, so we know and recommend systems that are easy to use and hard to crash. Get a recommendation from the meeting engineers whose job it is to keep our own systems running smoothly when the boss is talking.

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meeting room layout with smartboards

Add smart boards for conference rooms in your NC office, expand your meeting with a high-definition phone bridge system or give yourself pristine systems flexible enough for a morning huddle or office-wide meeting that are sure to impress your board.

Wireless Displays & Collaboration

Wireless Displays & Collaboration In NC


We offer a full range of wireless display and collaboration tools, including whiteboard annotation, 4K presentation, device mirroring and real-time editing from any wireless-enabled device you need to use.


Enhance productivity during meetings by making it easier to present and share content wirelessly from any device to any device and to the main display. Intellicom Wireless Collaboration & Presentation Solutions offer meeting participants 4K presentation with advanced collaboration tools for any meeting space, including device mirroring, team editing in real time and whiteboard annotation.


Our wireless displays and collaboration tools are designed to support growth in your operations and an easy meeting. It’s time your technology supports your activities instead of getting in the way each time you’re trying to present a new idea.


We’ll give you the setup you need from Raleigh to Durham to Fayetteville and everywhere else in our great state of NC. You’ll get the wireless displays and collaboration systems for the best experience you’ve had. We can even help you secure the right technology if you’re the office road warrior or take meetings to satellite locations. Intellicom makes it intelligent.

 wireless display and collaboration

Answering Your Wireless Display Questions


At Intellicom, we can help you determine the answers to the following questions:

  • Should you consider using Microsoft Display Adapter or Airtame?
  • What works best for office environments that use Windows, OSX, iOS and Android devices?
  • Do you need specialty equipment to support a BYOD environment?
  • What’s light enough to fit in the ceiling or on the wall?
  • Does your office have the same considerations as the board room? What about your school and the mobile meeting place?


The world of wireless collaboration solutions in NC and elsewhere is a complex one, so turn to the experts who can answer these questions and more.


Intellicom has been delivering telecommunications and meeting support for more than 25 years, and we’re proud to stand behind our 100% customer satisfaction rating.


Intellicom and Your Bottom Line

Whether you’re the newest spot in the RTP or an established business in Charlotte looking to expand, wireless displays are the best way for today’s businesses to collaborate with teams in-house and spread all over the world.


Intellicom is working with companies of all sizes right here in North Carolina to deliver innovative technology that uses high-speed internet connections to keep your team together and on point. Not only are we focused on the best that today’s tech companies can offer, but we also know how to deliver a high-quality solution engineered to fit your space and your budget.


We’re working hard to become the leading wireless collaboration solutions NC businesses and schools turn to, and we’d be pleased to have us join you on the journey.

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