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Intellicom For Security

The Top Trusted Security Company in NC | Intellicom

When you value your business in Charlotte, Raleigh and Durham, North Carolina and the surrounding cities, you want to do everything you can to protect it. You have inventory and data to protect from unscrupulous individuals who would take advantage of unsecured environments.

If you’re looking for a superior-quality commercial security company in Charlotte, NC, Raleigh, North Carolina, or the surrounding region, you want a company you can trust. You want a company that can offer top-of the-line security solutions that are state-of-the-art, proven and reliable.

That's why, when it comes to security alarm companies in NC, surveillance companies in NC or access control companies in NC, the company to contact is Intellicom, located in Durham, North Carolina.

Intellicom Is The #1 Choice Among Security Companies in Raleigh, NC & Beyond

We offer a wide variety of highly effective security solutions:

  • Access control systems
  • IP surveillance video systems
  • Alarm systems
  • And more

Our security solutions are desirable for a wide variety of North Carolina industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Higher education
  • Commercial
  • Solar
  • Pharmaceutical
  • And many others

Contact Intellicom to Set Up High-Quality Security Solutions For Your NC Business Today

To begin protecting your business with high-quality, modern and reliable security solutions, just call Intellicom at 919-980-4295 or contact us online for more information or a free quote on our services.Our certified security engineers provide FREE designs for businesses located in cities across North Carolina such as; Raleigh, Durham, Charlotte, Greensboro, Asheville, Winston and beyond!

Public Address System Installation

PA System Installation Company

Public address systems (PA Systems) are widely used throughout commercial businesses, schools, conference rooms and more. They’re the perfect way to deliver your message and reach everyone in your location with immediate information.


Our expert team has made us the leading PA system installation company in RTP and the nearby area thanks to premium sound quality, simple use and a platform designed to keep everyone safe and informed. Nothing harms your image more than a speaker system that’s loud and unintelligible to your team, students or customers.


Public Address Systems for NC Businesses

From the background music in our favorite department store to the clean-up on aisle five in the grocery store, PA systems are all around us. The main purpose of a PA system is to notify the general public in your facility of sales that maybe going on, play smoothing background music, locate and inform people of telephone calls or notify people in the event of an emergency. Ask about our ability to tie into state and local emergency services like those offered in Raleigh or Charlotte, NC.


Most PA systems are simple in design, not consisting of high-tech audio equipment. They mainly consist of a mixer/amplifier, a paging adaptor hooked to a telephone system, paging microphone and 70-volt 8 ohm speakers. 


PA Systems for NC Schools

Intellicom is a leading PA system installation company for North Carolina schools across the state. We’re able to deliver high-quality systems that can help you with everything from morning announcements and bus updates to fire drills, alarms and practices.


Let us be your top safety partner and see why our engineers are some of the most requested from Fayetteville and Durham to Greensboro and the RTP in North Carolina.


Our acoustic experts will make sure your system matches your space, delivering engineered precision that ensures a clean, crisp message each time. Give your team the direction they need and avoid mistakes or confusion by having a system that everyone can understand.


Contact us today for all your public address systems needs. We have experienced sales people that can design, layout or expand your public address system. Let Intellicom help you choose the right PA system for your business!


Commercial Security Alarm Systems

Five Important Reasons to Secure Your Business

Protect Your People - Security alarms can be the best chance you must stop an intrusion as it happens. You don’t have to put anyone at risk to let criminals and vandals know that they’ve been recorded and law enforcement is on its way.


Protect Your Company - Security alarms paired with sensors throughout your building or yard can alert intruders and responders before there is a chance for harm to be done. Identify threats as far out as possible and loudly alert them to your security system.


Safeguard Your Locations - Do you have equipment that sits out in an unsecure location or are you expanding somewhere new? Give your equipment the safety it needs with a commercial alarm system in RTP, NC and the surrounding area. Install it where you need it and bring your protection with you.


Enhance Productivity - Some threats come from within. Guard against those and keep staff productive through monitoring and enforcement. Alarm and surveillance systems also provide a way to check machinery operation and stay on the good side of OSHA.


Learn Your Risks - We often hear questions about robust alarm systems for small businesses and why they’re needed. You never know who is a potential security threat, if existing employees are stealing or if something outside of your office could do your staff harm. A security video and alarm system is the perfect place to start your research and protect everything you need to run your business.


We’re your number one alarm company in Durham, NC, and we’re delivering safety and protection to businesses throughout our state. Won’t you be our next safety success story?

Three Reasons to Choose Intellicom

North Carolina businesses in the RTP, Raleigh, Charlotte and beyond are turning to Intellicom for their commercial security alarm systems because we offer some of the best engineers, equipment and coverage in the industry. You’ll find our systems on businesses of all shapes and sizes because our commitment to quality is unparalleled.


From enterprise coverage to alarm systems for small business locations, we offer three clear advantages:


  • The Best People - Our engineers deliver custom systems and deployments specifically tailored to your operation. We’ve seen it all and can protect it all.


  • The Smartest Technology - You’ll only get the best in solution and software to provide security and control. Know what’s going on every second and keep your property secure with a system that’s intuitive and robust.


  • The Greatest Experience - With more than 25 years of direct experience, Intellicom has obtained a 100% customer satisfaction record for all of our security alarm installations for NC businesses.


Your safety demands the best, and you’ve found them. Let us be your answer to the ever-evolving question of how best to secure your locations, people and business.


It's time to partner with one of the best alarm companies with one of the best alarm companies in Durham, NC!

Surveillance Services

Commercial Video Surveillance Services

Your livelihood depends on your ability to keep your employees, your customers and your company assets safe from harm — and that means knowing where to turn for top-quality video surveillance support. Retailers and a variety of other business owners throughout the RTP area have come to rely on Intellicom for industry-leading technical support and customer care. As a full-service, family-owned business ourselves, we know you need somebody in your corner.


Burglars and other intruders have increasingly sophisticated tools at their disposal, which means you need constant vigilance if you want to keep your property and assets safe. One of the first major steps you can take toward achieving peace-of-mind is installing a video surveillance system on your properties. Throughout Charlotte, Raleigh and the entire region, we’ve helped businesses large and small find the perfect wireless video detection systems for their needs.


Choosing Intellicom for your security needs means partnering with a finely-honed support system capable of 24/7 monitoring. We’re everywhere in North Carolina where folks want reliable, cost-effective property maintenance and personable, long-term support 


Intellicom for Video Surveillance Systems

All of us here at Intellicom are proud of our status as an industry-leader in the IP video camera and video surveillance industry of North Carolina. Security is something we’re passionate about, and we can help you learn more about the benefits of IP camera systems — benefits like crystal clear, high-definition picture quality and straightforward installation.


Taking security seriously in the 21st century means thinking beyond a simple perimeter intruder detection system. What your business needs is a comprehensive system for internal loss prevention as well as outside hazards. If your situation warrants it, we can also tie your on-site system in with local emergency phone services to make sure help arrives right on time if the worst should happen.


Video Surveillance Solutions for Enterprise

If your business occupies a multi-building campus or has several locations, we have the experience and the resources to help you build a smart and reliable security system. We’re far more than a small-scale security company for residences or mom-and-pop stores — we can handle the toughest challenges

We’ve got an eye for quality, which is why we choose to offer our customers top-shelf equipment from Exacq, Hikvision and Milestone. These folks know what they’re doing and design with quality and expansion in mind. Even if your business grows to encompass multiple locations across the globe, our specialty is making sure the system we put together for you can grow with you over the months and years.

Intellicom USA specializes in the following areas and services:

  • High-definition video surveillance systems

  • Video recording and encoding tools

  • Software and licenses

  • Full system engineering and design services

  • Installation, upgrades and general service


Internal cameras throughout your building or campus, plus perimeter intrusion detection and centralized control and monitoring, means total peace-of-mind for RTP- and Fayetteville-area business owners. When you choose Intellicom for your on-site security needs, you get a single system that serves multiple locations and fulfills multiple needs.



Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems

Property and business owners in RTP and the surrounding regions are discovering the benefits of bundling motion tracking technology with thermal imaging and even radar to close security gaps, secure large or topographically difficult properties and generally bring a sense of safety to your home away from home.

Intellicom USA has experience installing intrusion detection solutions in:

  • Scrap and storage yards, plus other larger and more difficult properties

  • Parking facilities and vehicle yards

  • Fence Lines

  • Any type of property border


Every property comes with security blind spots — and even if they seem difficult to detect, there’s probably a burglar somewhere with the know-how required. We’ll walk your property and help you discover any special requirements.


Think of it as a long-term investment in your bottom line: it’s one part loss prevention and one part hedge against liability, since intruders who can’t enter your property also can’t get injured on your property.


Real-Time Event Verification, Cloud Recording and Total Video Monitoring

Our on-site security solutions wage a three-pronged defense against intruders:

  • Video event verification: You can’t always be on-site at your business — and that means you need a smart security system that can tell you in real-time when unscheduled events occur. But we go beyond that by offering 24/7, full-service, comprehensive support for our business security camera customers in Durham, Raleigh, RTP and all across North Carolina.

  • Cloud recording: Thanks to modern technology, there’s no need to store surveillance footage on cassettes or DVDs any longer. With cloud-based recording systems, your videos are kept safely offsite to protect against loss or damage — but remain accessible should you need to review the footage.

  • Preventative maintenance: Intellicom USA offers comprehensive preventative maintenance contracts for interested parties. Our dedicated service team can work with you to develop a maintenance schedule to ensure your equipment is always doing its best possible work and your company assets remain protected.

  • System health monitoring: Finally, discover the peace-of-mind that’s possible when you’ve got a security team proactively monitoring the health of your entire system. Don’t wait until a camera fails — instead, choose a security provider who can let you know about potential problems before they get worse.


Wireless Video Detection Systems and Video Surveillance Services

Intellicom USA is a proud partner of Videofied technology, which combines the most attractive features of intruder detection with the recording of short bursts of video to provide a robust and comprehensive barrier to unauthorized activity. Restaurants, construction companies, real estate developers, cell tower lease holders, industrial park owners, retailers and car dealership owners have all put their assets and livelihoods in our capable hands — and testimonials from our enthusiastic customers confirm we’ve been up to the challenge. We specialize in video surveillance for restaurants and other local industries and locations, including:

different types of surveillance services


Have we convinced you? We’re looking forward to hearing from you and learning about how we can help secure your business. Get in touch today to learn more about our company, our team members and the thoughtful, proactive approach we bring to telecommunications.

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