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Need to Boost your Cell Signal?

We've installed over 1,000,000 square feet of improved signal in commercial buildings since 2007! 

 boost cell coverage

Enterprise Solutions

Have a custom system designed by our signal experts:

  • Blazingly Fast Deployments: weeks, not months or years
  • Low-Cost small cell, repeater and passive technology
  • Nationwide installation team
  • Cover from 20k square feet to 1 million square feet


DAS System Design Services

Intellicom is a full-service distributed antenna system company who can give you everything you need for DAS design, installation, maintenance and emergency service. We’ll keep you up and running plus give you the tools you need to improve your network configuration as you grow.


DAS network providers can improve your business by engineering a more efficient wireless network that accounts for the concrete and steel which normally harm wireless signal strength. Our DAS system design services will identify dead zones and opportunities for improvement in your existing buildings and office park.


We’ve created a significant number of DAS systems in North Carolina, so we can tailor a DAS offering to work best with cell phones, radios, RFID sensors or your other specialty requirements based on wireless location. Intellicom understands the difference between a warehouse and an office building, and we can provide the relevant DAS building design services in NC cities like Raleigh or Durham or around the U.S.


DAS System Importance

DAS network providers can deliver a specific set of benefits to your building and operations, allowing you to make a clear decision about what you need and whether the investment is right for you. You should consider hiring a DAS design service if you face problems like:

  • Dead zones where no network coverage is available
  • Holes or spots where coverage drops off
  • Slow network speeds or lulls in usage at the edge of your network
  • Power costs that are too high relative to how much coverage you’re getting
  • Limited outdoor telecommunications coverage
  • Inconsistent signal strength across all buildings and floors in your office environment


The benefit of DAS deployments is that you never need to experience dropped signals or poor-quality coverage in your building or as you move about your property.


Talk to Intellicom today about DAS building design services in NC or in your local area to see if the distributed antenna system would be a strong fit, solve the issues you’re having and be viable to install throughout your building.


We provide a free estimate that looks at the coverage you have, the coverage you want and the coverage we can deliver by boosting your network and the signals your devices receive.


Things to Know About NC Cellular Repeater Systems

Mobile repeater installation is able to turn weak signals in your office building and amplify them into a usable solution your office needs. Cellular repeater systems are able to work in many different situations where you have a strong cell signal near your building.


While they won’t work in areas where the signal varies or cuts out, Intellicom is able to deliver mobile network solutions to NC businesses who have a strong signal and a need to bring it into their operations.


How to Increase Cell Signals in Office Buildings

Cell phone repeater systems are the best proven way to increase cell phone signals in office buildings. We start with a coverage assessment and a full design to build your antenna, amplifier and cable distribution setup. Leading equipment will provide a firm base so everyone in your area gets the coverage they need.


We start with smart repeaters that are built to remove dead zones in your area and improve indoor reception of your standard 3G and 4G voice and data networks. There are a variety of repeaters to extend coverage based on device and carrier with support for up to 13,000 additional square feet.


Next, your Intellicom engineer will integrate a wireless amplifier to improve weak signals from multiple carriers. With a variety of installation points, we’ll connect exterior antennas to a local amplifier for a final boost to the place you need most.


Why You Want to Increase Reception

Mobile repeater installation is a preferred choice for North Carolina businesses because it can significantly improve the business and operations your team performs every day. From BYOD environments to accessing files on the go, there’s a greater need for support of mobile networks and devices in every office. Our customers consistently tell us that improving their reception has led to:

  • Faster downloads and uploads of important information
  • Fewer dropped calls and missed connections
  • Improved voice quality of the calls made and received
  • Less hassle and interruptions from dropped calls


At Intellicom, we’ll help you find the perfect solution to your poor network coverage. Ask us about today’s best mobile network solutions in NC.

data center

Data Center Solutions For NC Businesses

Intellicom is passionate about performance and scalability in your infrastructure, and nowhere is more information organized and distributed than in a data center.


Our quality and services are showcased in our data center installations. From rack and cabinet design and implementation to fiber backbone, electrical service, raised flooring and more – Intellicom can provide all your data center consultation, design, construction and startup needs.


Our BICSI certified RCDD’s can work with your data center team to design, install and manage to meet your high availability demands. Data center storage solutions from Intellicom are built to grow and flex as your business needs change every year, quarter, month or sooner.


Data center solutions from design and construction to installation and maintenance consulting are second to none. Data is the lifeblood of an organization, and we give every project the respect it deserves. From lab and server hosting rooms to 100,000 square feet and larger LEED and Tier IV datacenters, Intellicom has the experience and engineers to make your project a success.


And after you are up and running, Intellicom even provides on floor support, migration and operations support to meet your 7x24 demands. Turn to the data center installation team North Carolina business trust for all aspects of your data and business intelligence care.


Data Centers for All Business Types

Big Data has pushed every industry to adopt the data center to manage customer information, analyze internal metrics and ensure you’re spending money wisely. Intellicom has served a variety of data center partners in industries ranging from health care and pharmaceuticals to school districts, municipalities and small businesses.


We’ll work with you to understand your needs for data center design and data center installation services. You get exactly what you need, adhering to best practices and full security for your data. We can even help you build the physical infrastructure and security you need to limit which staff and visitors can access your secure server rooms.


Our data center solutions can control your entire operation and give you and your customers the peace of mind you need when it comes to data and sensitive information.


Intellicom provides comprehensive data center installation services for North Carolina and nearby locations, or we can help you completely plan your data center anywhere else in the world. We’re the only partner you need for any level of data center consulting.


Intellicom Data Center Solutions and Consulting

Intellicom has been providing support for the cabling infrastructure that data centers require for more than 25 years, and we’ve grown to care for all levels of data center installation and management our customers need.


From data center construction in Greensboro and Raleigh to designs for expansion in Charlotte and Asheville, we’ve become a local leader in all data center storage solutions. Delivering expert care and service helped us reach beyond data center installation in North Carolina to provide services and support throughout the United States.


We aim to be your best data center business partner at every step in your data center development and life. We’re quick to respond to the ever-evolving needs of a company like yours and want to provide you with leading service.


See that we have both a 100% on-time service record and a 100% customer satisfaction record.

Let Us Help You Bring Your Conference, Collaboration and Presentation Solutions to Life.


Audio Visual Services

  • Conference Rooms

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  • Wireless Displays & Collaboration

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  • Video Conferencing

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Audio and Visual Solutions in NC

Intellicom provides design, consultation and installation of commercial audio, video and control systems, as well as media distribution networks to owners, architects, designers and general contractors. So, whether you're evaluating your next project or exploring new technology applications, we can help you discover innovative technical solutions.


Audio-Visual Setup for NC Businesses

From the RTP to Raleigh to Durham to Fayetteville plus the surrounding NC areas, we provide a full installation service that allows your AV systems to operate smoothly and not harm your facilities or your reputation.


Intellicom’s AV experts can deliver full system integration with any audio-visual setup in NC because we focus not only on delivering functionality, but also on providing an aesthetically pleasing installation that won’t distract from your message. From conference rooms to command centers, we’ll help you put your best foot forward and make information easy to understand and share.


Commercial Spaces We Serve

Our commercial audiovisual solutions can be extremely useful throughout a wide variety of businesses, including the financial sector, education, health services, pharmaceutical, IT and more. If you're not sure if our solutions are appropriate for your industry or business, please get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you.


Service Area

Although we are well-known for providing high-quality commercial AV services in and around Research Triangle Park, we can also provide commercial audiovisual solutions for businesses throughout North Carolina, as well as areas of South Carolina and Virginia. If you are located anywhere in this region and need commercial audiovisual assistance, please contact us.


Designed to Meet Any Business Needs

Our top engineers have achieved a 100% satisfaction rate for all of our audio and visual solutions here in NC. That’s because we know how to match equipment to your needs, and we can provide a service that is specific to your location.


Boost your customer experience and get your team’s attention with the right AV setup and integration in your business. From standard applications to specialty installs with a turn-key solution you might not expect, the Intellicom goal is to understand and solve your AV problems.


Ask us about your integration and installation whether you operate a command center, conference room, gym, school, hotel or other specialty service to deliver what your customers need. We’ll work with you to secure the solution that will help you every day.


Get a hand from a team with a 100% customer satisfaction rate and 25 years in the industry. We know and understand your AV needs.


Security Systems for Commercial Buildings

Intellicom is your partner for designing, installing, servicing and monitoring your physical security. We look forward to assisting you! If you are searching for a security solution in the RTP or Eastern North Carolina area. We are a full provider of advanced security systems that meet your business needs. We can give you the power to control and monitor your most important asset – from any location.


Security Services

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  • Surveillance Services

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  • Public Address System Installation

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  • Alarms

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Controlling Access to Your Vital Areas


Intellicom provides commercial access control systems for businesses from Raleigh to Wilmington and all across North Carolina, to give easy but authorized access to your more important areas. We send our own internal team of highly trained experts who can identify the best control locations for your building or access points and will oversee the entire operation to make sure everything is done with expert precision.


Wireless security systems for buildings expand beyond today’s alarms and PA systems to complete control environments where you can assign access permissions for every door. The commercial security systems installed in NC by Intellicom can be sophisticated enough to pair entry with active duty rosters for your server room to allowing badges for entry to be printed and accessible right away.Ask us about installation & maintenance for commercial security systems in Raleigh, NC and business throughout NC, SC and VA that use:

  • Biometrics
  • Cards
  • Keypads
  • REX devices
  • Smartphones and apps
  • And much more


Wireless Security Systems for Your Business


Your business faces specific challenges and dangers based on your industry, construction, equipment and much more. Don’t leave those intricacies to someone who treats every business the same.


Intellicom provides a complete, patented “Videofied” wireless video detection system that pairs intrusion detection with short video clips that create a clear record of any unauthorized access and activity on your site. We’ve customized feeds and systems for specific deployments at jobsites, vacant properties, cell towers, schools, offices, power substations, remote warehouses, industrial parks and many other jobsites where expensive equipment is readily available.


This patented technology has allowed us to become one of the most trusted security companies for Raleigh, NC businesses and a variety of commercial businesses across North Carolina when they are need verification of events on their site plus systems to keep everything and everyone safe.


Monitoring to Protect Your Team


Intellicom pairs the best intrusion detection systems with a variety of broader security systems that are designed to keep your people free from harm. We move beyond other commercial security companies in NC by bridging video surveillance with remote monitoring of alarms, integrating mobile solutions, tracking building metrics such as energy consumption and supporting the latest equipment and software from industry leaders like Milestone, Exacq and Hikvision.


You get a complete monitoring platform that works 24/7 at any and every location you have. We’ve designed our commercial security operations to be powerful and visible. Not only will we record any wrongdoings on the premises, but we provide a variety of equipment that is easy to see in order to deter some theft, vandalism and other risks.


Together we’ll build a risk profile to determine your needs and what remote security systems and operational security measures are best suited to your buildings, operations and employees. We never rely on cookie-cutter security systems for commercial buildings.


Intellicom has a team of security experts based in Durham, North Carolina, but we are capable of servicing businesses of all sizes and industries in major cities across North Carolina, Virginia and South Carolina. Reach out and see if Intellicom is servicing your businesses location. You’ll see why our commercial security service company in NC has a 100% satisfaction rate over our entire 25 years in the business. 

structured cabling wires

We offer the most complete line of structured cabling solutions in NC!


Structured Cabling Services

  • data center

    Data Center Solutions

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 Whether you need one (1) or 1,000 drops installed at your campus location or at multiple locations across our multi-state footprint, Intellicom is at your service. Our in-house alarm board/OEM certified and experienced field technicians, and Project Managers are capable of planning, designing and installing your wired network infrastructure.


Once installed, we can also maintain, troubleshoot and upgrade your system as needed. We aim to be the leading full-service structured cabling company that North Carolina businesses have come to trust. 


Click below to learn more about our structured wiring solutions and discover how they can help future-proof your business, reduce installation and upgrade time, make work more efficient and reduce your costs for cooling, power and maintenance.


Custom Cabling and Structured Wiring Solutions

Intellicom offers a full suite of structured cabling services for enterprises, commercial applications, educational institutions and industries so you can make the most of your connections, data and security.


Our expert structured wiring solutions team can help you through your entire process, from design and planning your network to full installation, testing, implementation and auditing. Intellicom engineers are OEM certified so you can feel safe and secure knowing your equipment will meet OEM standards and best practices from the very first moment.


Our commitment to fiber optic installation has made us an expert in any installation from one to 1,000 drops. Structured wiring solutions we offer also include gigabit passive optical networks (GPONs) in order to significantly reduce your infrastructure needs while still delivering the bandwidth your applications need.


Intellicom staff trains throughout the year to learn the latest equipment, best practices, advancements and issues correction as the industry changes and grows. Our commitment to top-quality work makes us the top choice structured cabling company in North Carolina for local businesses that continually need long-term service and emergency support.


Choose Intellicom for Structured Wiring Solutions

There are four main reasons that Intellicom has achieved a 100% customer satisfaction rate for our structured cable and wiring solutions:


1. You’re a partner in the entire process. From design and deployment to maintenance, you’ll become a team member of our leading structured cabling company in North Carolina.  


2. That satisfaction goal drives everything we do. Intellicom aims to be more responsive to your needs and better solve your problems than any other fiber optic installation companies you can find.


3. We are your one-stop shop for delivering single-solution designs for structured cabling, and we can adapt to your needs for a multi-solution offering to integrate all of the platforms and additional technologies you need, including in Durham’s Research Triangle Park.


4. Intellicom is a leading fiber optic installation company in North Carolina because we leverage the best people and the latest technologies to give you world-class capabilities at the best price.


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