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The Research Triangle Park (RTP) is an area largely based in Durham, N.C. that for some time has been one of the most important centers for science and technology research in the world. The original three points of the triangle are the three major research universities in North Carolina: Duke University in Durham, N.C. State in Raleigh and the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. By 2017, you can find over 170 companies in the RTP area.


A number of companies rely heavily on Intellicom for telecommunications solutions, such as the need for a reliable DAS system architecture company or for effective data center solutions in the RTP. Why is Intellicom so important to these companies in the Research Triangle Park? Because Intellicom provides a one-stop solution for cabling services, data storage and virtually all of a company’s telecommunication needs, so these companies can focus on providing great technologies and opportunities to the world, rather than whether or not they can rely on their phone system.


Structured Cabling Services in the RTP

One of the most important services Intellicom provides for companies in the Research Triangle Park is structured cable services. Our comprehensive structured cabling service includes working with you on your network from beginning to end, with features like fiber optic planning and installation, raised floor space planning and installation, full auditing and documentation services and more.


Data Center Services in the RTP

Without data, there can be no progress. Your RTP company data is crucial, and your RTP data center should treat it that way. That’s why Intellicom offers BICI-certified Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDDs) for your data center team from design through installation, to make sure your data center storage solutions are exactly what you need for the success of your business.


Security Services in the RTP

Because your intellectual property is so important, you need a reliable company to help you protect it. Intellicom offers a complete range of vital security services, like commercial video surveillance technology, alarm systems and intelligent access control.


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This is just a small sampling of the vital services from Intellicom that RTP companies benefit from. For over 25 years, Intellicom has been providing reliable, affordable, high-quality solutions in voice, data, fiber optics, security and more. To find out how your business can work with one of the most important telecommunication companies in the RTP, contact Intellicom today.


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Intellicom offers a single solution provider for your intelligent cabling, security and audio visual needs

In today’s internet-enabled world, your information, security and collaboration requirements are increasingly intelligent and integrated.  Intellicom provides all of these solutions with a single partner.  We work with you from the requirement, definitions, design, development, installation and support phases to deliver business enabling solutions.


Intellicom Service Coverage Areas: NC - SC - VA


North Carolina

Intellicom has been serving North Carolina for more than 25 years, and our highly trained technicians have experience all across our great state. We offer a full selection of commercial communication-based in Durham, NC.


We proudly serve all of North Carolina. Our business partners expand every day, and we invite you to call our team to see if we’re servicing your area. Some of our chief service locations include:

Intellicom can provide you with a full set of communication platforms, cabling infrastructure, security systems, cellular coverage and AV equipment. We’ve achieved a 100% customer satisfaction rating here in North Carolina and we want you to be our next success story. We are known for our security services in Raleigh, NC because we fully understand the needs of businesses large and small!

No matter what city you’re in, call our team to see if we’re servicing your area today - >We know and understand your telecommunication needs!


Research Triangle Park, North Carolina

Intellicom has become the premier commercial security services provider in Research Triangle Park (RTP), NC. We’re a leader in communications services and have a major commitment to the RTP, NC area.


There’s nothing we enjoy more than creating the connections and the infrastructure needed in the nation’s largest research park. Your community is driving the nation forward, and we offer a full complement of communications services and structured cabling to run all the different innovations you produce. 


Whether you’re in telecommunications, biotech, microelectronics, chemicals or the environmental sciences, we can support all the communications needs for the more than 200 companies and 50,000 employees that call the RTP home.


Northern South Carolina

Intellicom provides a larger, more extensive set of telecommunication services in the northern section of South Carolina, including cities like Greenville and Spartanburg. We’ve expanded our commercial communications systems in SC to build a full audio-visual feature set of your company plus all the structured cabling and data center solutions you’ll need for a more robust offering.


When you need to expand your communications offering, secure your data or reach satellite locations with data and video, Intellicom is your leading choice across northern South Carolina. Call our team today to see if we’re servicing your area and what we can offer you.


Southern Virginia


Intellicom offers a full array of commercial communications systems in VA. We’ve expanded to service your operations in Virginia as well because it represents the biggest expansion point for NC and SC businesses.


Our southern Virginia telecommunication services include structured cabling, intelligent security control systems, AV and conferencing installs, data centers and full cellular boosting retrofits for your office buildings. Ask us today about our work in cities like Danville and Halifax.

We’ll head to you and help you secure the best commercial communication systems in VA. Contact or call our team right now to see if we’re already servicing your area.

Intellicom is ready to serve new and current businesses of any size.

Intellicom is your single-solution provider for intelligent cabling, security and audio visual needs in NC!


In today’s internet-enabled world, your information, security and collaboration requirements are increasingly intelligent and integrated.  Intellicom provides all of these solutions with a single partner.  We work with you from the requirement, definitions, design, development, installation and support phases to deliver business enabling solutions.


We’ve been performing fiber optic installation in North Carolina for more than 25 years but have expanded our team of skilled engineers to bring expertise into any North American market. Intellicom is proud to offer a greater variety of structured cabling and wiring solutions than the fiber optic installation companies operating in your area. Let us know how we can help you and get a free quote!


Services We Provide for Your Site

As the premiere structured cabling company in North Carolina, we offer a variety of services that include:

  • Raised floor space planning and installation
  • Rack elevation with detailed port and slot assignment planning
  • Rack and cabinet planning to maximize efficiency
  • Rack and cabinet development solutions based on server and network cabinet needs
  • Port density optimization reviews
  • Fiber optic planning and installation
  • CAD design and development drawings for all planning
  • Full auditing and documentation services


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You might not realize what all of that planning and development can do for your business. So, here are the five leading benefits our customers experience when they work with Intellicom for structured cabling:


1. Greater ROI on network resources for data, video and voice with lower maintenance costs and simpler migration.


2. Planned infrastructure is able to scale and grow to meet bandwidth needs so you can adjust with traffic demands. Structured cabling means your network won’t be obsolete next week, month or year.


3. Your IT systems will become easier to manage thanks to better governance and network controls.


4. Structured cabling consolidates wiring and makes it easy to adjust or flex your network when you move, grow or  simply adjust.


5. It’s a whole lot cleaner. Structured cabling makes it easier for maintenance teams to get in, fix the problem and get  out with minimal disruptions. Say goodbye to those old rat’s nets of cables and hello to simple, aesthetically pleasing    wiring.


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We Are Intellicom


Headquartered in Durham, NC, Intellicom is a telecommunications company specializing in the engineering, design, installation and maintenance of structured cabling systems for voice, data and video networks. Intellicom has proudly served new and established businesses across North Carolina, Virginia & South Carolina for nearly 20 Years! We've also been the choice contact for businesses in the Research Triangle Park since its inception in 1999.

We have more than 80 years of combined experience in telecommunications. Our operation area includes the entire state of North Carolina, southern Virginia and northern South Carolina Intellicom’s strong business relationships with customers and locations throughout the United States and abroad give us insight into a wide range of business profiles, deployments and needs. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and quality performance is what makes Intellcom, Inc., the best telecommunications Company North Carolina has to offer!

Let us help you with anything from complex structured cabling to small business security services. Providing world-class communications systems for businesses means we’ve seen it all and solved it all.


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Industries Served

Our expert engineers, technicians and development teams have years of experience helping clients all over the globe, with a specific focus on industries just like yours:

-Data centers

-Health care providers

-Pharmaceutical and biotechnologies

-Commercial and small business security services

-Communication Systems for Businesses of All Sizes

-Higher Education 

-Solar Installation, Maintenance and Power Regulation

 industries served

Services Offered

Structured Cabling

We offer complete telecommunications infrastructure cabling using OEM equipment and OEM-certified technicians. We handle all of the six major subsystems — entrance facilities, equipment rooms, backbone cabling, telecommunications rooms and enclosures, horizontal cabling and work area components — with a dedicated team to design and install all wired infrastructure plus long-term maintenance and troubleshooting support.

Intelligent Security

From basic surveillance and public addresses to multiphase alarms, Intellicom offers enterprise-grade and small business security systems designed for a modern location. We pair intelligence access control options with completely integrated sensors and alarms to deliver an unprecedented level of quality to your security.

Audio Visual Setup

Beyond just communications consulting in North Carolina, Intellicom offers a complete installation and maintenance of your conference room and classroom presentation equipment. Our technicians specialized in the latest video conferencing support, wireless presentation and content delivery, permanent lines and web-based support packages that are at home in today’s modern meeting.

Data Center Services

Scale your infrastructure right with the best equipment installations, management, distribution planning and hardware to grow as your business grows. Whether you need lab or server hosting rooms to a full 100,000+ square foot LEED Tier IV datacenter, we have the team and the expertise to not only install your equipment, but also meet your certification requirements and keep your running safely.

Cellular Coverage Options

Don’t let cellular signals drop off in your building and cause headaches for your staff and your visitors. Part of our commitment to communication systems for businesses is a complete signal boosting deployment that’s affordable and actually helps those who need it.mWe’ve installed more than 1,000,000 square feet of improved signal coverage and access in commercial buildings since 2007, and we’ve mastered the ability to deploy in weeks, stick to budgets and install anywhere across the nation.


Intellicom was founded on communication consulting in North Carolina, and while we still serve businesses from Charlotte to Raleigh, we’ve grown and mastered even more. Let us show you what that new knowledge brings.



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