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Mark Vaughan | Company Profiles | Intellicom, Inc.

Mark Vaughan is the founder of Intellicom - starting the company in 1999. He started the company with a relentless focus on quality service and attention to detail His leadership ingrained this into the company culture and is critical to Intellicom's value to its customers.

Mark has been a key player in the Research Triangle Park telecommunications infrastructure industry for over 25 years, cultivating relationships with construction, technology and business leaders throughout the area.

At Intellicom, Mark grew a leading team - focusing on technical and leadership skills, with a focus on customer satisfaction. As a leader, he has prioritized teamwork and employee development across the company.

Mark has focused his energy in this highly competitive market on prompt service with attention to detail - and has instilled this into Intellicom's DNA.

Mark's ongoing priorities include managing key associations and relationships to expand Intellicom's value and presence across the Southeast, as well as providing strategic guidance to the overall Intellicom leadership team.

You can contact Mark at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.